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Is DJI Avata Worth It? (All You Need to Know)

DJI Avata is a Cinewhoop drone manufactured and categorized as an FPV drone, the second of its kind by DJI. But is Avata worth it?

DJI Avata is worth acquiring for an FPV beginner pilot looking to start flying FPV drones effortlessly.

It’s also suitable for pilots looking to capture immersive cinematic footage and fly a drone in places where other drones are inaccessible or difficult to fly, such as indoors, in forests, etc.

Before buying the drone, what about having a look together over everything to know regarding DJI Avata, what makes it a great drone worth having, and why sometimes, this drone is not for everyone?

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DJI Avata – The basics

DJI Avata is one unique choice if you want to start flying FPV drones. 

The advantages of Avata being an FPV drone and learning to fly it with a few safety features in mind outweigh a couple of negative issues pushing some pilots away.

For instance, it is good to know that Avata is not a full FPV drone, and although you can fly fully in Manual/acrobatic mode, you can also fly the drone in Normal and Sport Modes.

This is without precedent for any drones, except for Avata and DJI FPV drones. Avata can enjoy the immersive FPV view with few risks.

Moreover, Avata has duct guards, which makes it a fantastic drone worth having because you can fly it close to people and objects indoors and inside forests and places where other drones are barely accessible because the propellers are safely shielded.

To better assess the drone and determine if Avata is right for you, here are some pros and cons.

✅ DJI Avata PROS

  • The video recordings you can obtain while flying Avata are extraordinary compared to those obtained using a standard drone. 
  • It’s a fantastic drone to start flying FPV because of the ease of learning.
  • Avata is a safe drone for beginner pilots because of the duct guards.
  • Flying the drone in Normal, Sport, and Manual Modes and seamlessly switching between these modes is very convenient.
  • You can fly acro freestyle with Avata but on a limited basis.
  • It’s a robust drone which makes it more impact-resistant compared to other drones.
  • While flying the drone, you can enjoy an immersive and unique FPV experience with the DJI Goggles 2.
  • Avata has return to home and emergency stop features.
  • It’s easy to maintain, update the drone, charge the batteries, etc. (For instance, charging a custom drone battery is a safety issue, and there’s much information to learn to do it safely.)
  • You will benefit from high-quality image transmission, latency, quality, and unique visual experiences when flying Avata because it has the latest VTX technologies. 
  • It has great battery life compared to any custom FPV drone. 

❌ DJI Avata CONS

  • It’s an expensive drone to start flying FPV. With custom FPV drones, you’re looking at a third of the price for a basic setup. 
  • FPV drones are susceptible to crashes. Crashing Avata is a painful experience! With custom FPV drones, you can repair, fix, and change parts. With Avata, you are very limited in doing that.
  • You will always take risks when flying in some places, close to the ground or objects, freestyle, at higher speeds, and so on, for the same reason, fear of crashing and damaging an expensive drone.
  • You are very limited when doing acro freestyle with Avata due to the risk of tumbling from the poor center of gravity and because it’s a Cinewhoop drone. 
  • Although Avata has a Normal Mode and you can fly it as a normal drone, you can never match the features of flying a standard drone.
  • Avata does not have any avoidance sensors, so it’s riskier to fly close to objects or use the return to home in areas where the Avata’s path to the takeoff point is not clear.
  • Avata also does not have any active tracking or follow-me modes. This is not ideal if you were looking for those specific features either for vlogging or to capture some other type of footage.

So, is DJI Avata worth it?

We choose DJI Avata over other drones for more than a few reasons. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  • Avata can fly slowly and safely, and it is FPV-beginner-friendly.
  • It is the easiest way to start flying FPV drones. 
  • Avata can capture specific FPV footage unique for any content creator. 
  • You can create fantastic indoor flight footage (if you have the experience) to promote businesses with unique content.
  • You can get the best visual experience when flying an FPV drone.
  • You can fly acro, whereas no standard drone can do that.

Reasons why Avata is not worth it

We have to understand that Avata is not for everyone, and there are more than a few reasons why other drones can be chosen over Avata, such as:

  • Avata doesn’t have Active Track or avoidance sensors.
  • Avata is not as good at flying fast, cinematically, and long-range as DJI FPV.
  • It doesn’t capture slow, smooth standard drone footage (e.g., the 90-degree camera tilted down) as well as a standard drone such as the DJI Mini 3 Pro.
  • It’s heavier and not so portable.
  • Avata is not made for long-range flights; although capable, it has limited potential. The motors are weaker than other FPV drones, can quickly tumble, and have minimal flight speed and acceleration.
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From everything we know about the DJI Avata, including our tests and flights and all the information gathered, it’s a drone worth having. 

There could be a few reasons why it may not be for everyone, and that’s understandable, but for most people considering acquiring the Avata, this drone is good to have.

Overall, pilot feedback about Avata is positive, and despite the small flaws it has, Avata is a fantastic choice for many drone pilots.

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