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Mavic Pro Battery Won’t Charge: Here’s How to Fix It

DJI’s Mavic Pro is one of the most popular drones in the entire world and is arguably at the top in terms of the best commercial drones available in the market. However, if you own a Mavic Pro, there might be a few problems encountered along the way. One of them might be when your Mavic Pro’s battery won’t charge. So, why isn’t it charging and how do you fix it?

The reason why your DJI Mavic Pro’s battery isn’t charging is that it may have gone into hibernation mode. This is quite common for Mavic Pro drones when they are new or when they haven’t been used for a while. The most common fix for this problem is to leave it on the charger for several hours.

One of the safety features that DJI has built into the batteries of its drones is the hibernation mode, which kicks in when certain conditions are met. As such, don’t be too worried if your Mavic Pro battery won’t charge. Just make sure to follow the tips we have laid out in this article, and you will be able to fix this problem in no time.

Why Won’t Your Mavic Pro Battery Charge?

DJI has become one of the leaders in the world when it comes to consumer drones, which are rapidly becoming some of the best tools that hobbyists and RC enthusiasts love to toy around with. And when it comes to DJI’s different drones, the Mavic Pro is one of the best and most popular among them all.

As good as the Mavic Pro is, some people tend to forget the importance of reading the safety guidelines that come with the drone when you buy it. In that regard, they often do not know the reason why the Mavic Pro’s batteries just suddenly stopped charging as they must have skipped reading the safety guidelines that are actually quite important when it comes to owning a Mavic Pro, or a DJI drone in general.

So, for those who skipped past reading the safety guidelines, you may be wondering why the Mavic Pro’s battery is failing to charge, either when you first open it, or seemingly out of the blue. To help with this scenario, we are here to discuss all about the Mavic Pro’s battery safety guidelines in relation to why the battery just suddenly won’t charge anymore.

Intelligent Flight Battery

Before you check into any other causes, DJI’s Mavic Pro actually comes with a battery that you probably have not encountered in any other electronics in the past. DJI calls this battery the Intelligent Flight Battery, which is designed by DJI and is regarded as the only battery you should be using when you are flying a Mavic Pro.

One of the features that comes with DJI’s Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery is what they call the hibernation mode. Before we discuss what the hibernation mode is, you have to understand that batteries are not going to hold a charge indefinitely and will actually drain or lose power even if you don’t use them. And when rechargeable batteries end up losing all of their power such as when the charge level is completely empty, this can lead to problems and may even damage the batteries themselves if they have not been charged for a very long time.

Hibernation Mode

So, to make sure that your Mavic Pro’s Intelligent Flight Battery lasts for a long time, the hibernation mode feature was introduced. What happens in a hibernation mode is that, when the battery charge level gets too low because it keeps draining after a very long time of not being used, the battery will go into hibernation mode. This basically puts the different components in the battery to “sleep” to protect the battery from getting damaged.

As such, when the battery is in hibernation mode, it will not charge initially when you try to charge it. That is basically one of the many features that help protect the battery. Moreover, you will know that the battery is in hibernation mode not only when it isn’t charging but also when the battery power LED stays on. You cannot turn the battery power LED off while the battery is in this mode.

In most cases, Mavic Pro batteries are actually in hibernation mode when they are still new and haven’t been charged up yet by the consumer. This is a scenario that is quite common as many people tend to wonder why their batteries don’t charge even though their drones are still fresh out of the box.

A Different Problem?

However, if the power LED on the battery isn’t on and the battery won’t charge, then there is probably good reason to believe that it isn’t in hibernation mode and that the battery may have been damaged as a result of poor handling or improper storage. Any kind of battery, when stored in the wrong conditions, can easily get damaged even when left unused for a long time. As such, it might be time for you to have a qualified DJI representative check your battery or, as a last resort, replace the batteries with new ones.

How to Fix Your Mavic Pro Battery if it is Not Charging

If your Mavic Pro battery is not charging, the most likely reason is because it is in hibernation mode. Here is a quick solution that may be able to help you:

According to the Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery safety guidelines, the only way for you to kick the battery out of hibernation mode is to:

  1. Leave it alone for at least five minutes after turning it on. 
  2. After that, recharge the battery using the DJI charger.

However, there are some people who actually haven’t seen any luck with leaving the batteries charging for an hour. That’s why we recommend that you leave your battery charging for maybe a couple of hours at the very least to try to kick it out of hibernation mode. There are even some people who have actually had to leave their batteries charging for at least 24 hours.

From there, just leave the battery alone after you have switched on the power button and do not touch it while you are charging it to try to get it out of its hibernation mode. Do not, at any point in time before it gets out of hibernation, touch the power button. It is also important that you only use an approved DJI charger for this because there is no guarantee that any third-party charger can kick the battery out of hibernation.

After the battery has been left charging for as long as you can possibly give it (maybe 24 hours at a maximum), try turning it on to see if it has actually been kicked out of hibernation or if it has been fully charged. If the fix did not work, repeat it all over again.

There are also some different scenarios that can possibly happen regarding your Mavic Pro battery. Here are two of them:

First scenario: 

The battery does not wake up from hibernation status even though you are using the charging hub to try to wake it up. Also, the indicator on the battery is solid red.

Solution: Simply continue to charge the battery with the battery charger to try to wake it up from its hibernation.

Second scenario: 

The battery wakes up from hibernation when you use the battery charging hub. It can be turned on but, for some reason, it won’t charge. Meanwhile, the indicator light is also solid red. Finally, when the battery is inserted into the Mavic Pro and then powered on, there will be a battery communication error that will be shown on the app.


  1. Place the battery on the Mavic Pro and turn it on. Wait for at least three minutes from the time the battery was turned on after it was mounted.
  2. Turn the battery off and then remove it from the Mavic Pro. Leave the battery untouched for about three minutes.
  3. Try inserting the battery into the battery charger. You should be able to see that it is now charging normally.
  4. If the battery had enough power when you inserted it into the Mavic Pro but there was still a communication error, you may want to update the battery firmware.

If any of these solutions above fail, then there must be another underlying reason why your battery isn’t charging. It could be because it was damaged as a result of poor storage conditions as batteries can actually get damaged from dampness, too low of a charge, etc. If that is the case, the best way for you to resolve the issue is to bring your Mavic Pro battery to a nearby service center or store to have it checked. Or, as a last resort, you could buy new batteries if your old ones are damaged beyond repair.