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How to Connect Potensic Drone to Phone (Step-by-Step Guide)

A Potensic drone, such as the Atom SE, Dreamer 4K, or T25, is decent to start flying with as a beginner. But this may require a little setup, including connecting it to a mobile phone to fly.

How to connect a Potensic drone to a phone?

You must download and install the Potensic-G App or PotensicPro App (depending on your drone) from Google Play or Apple App Store to connect your Potensic drone. You must connect the phone to the remote controller with an OTG cable or via Wi-Fi.

In this article, we’ll share information about connecting a few different Potensic drones to a mobile phone to get a live view and fly the drone safely.

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What do you need to connect a Potensic drone to a phone?

First, you must have a mobile phone, either an Android or iOS (iPhone). 

You can also use iPads or other tablets to connect your Potensic drone and enjoy a larger view when flying your drone, but you cannot attach it to the remote controller.

For the next step, you will need to download and install the required Potensic app.

Please remember that there are several Potensic apps, and you have to choose a specific app to install on your phone, depending on what Potensic drone you have. 

  • The Potensic-G app can be used with the T18, T25, and T35 drones 
  • The PotensicPro app can be used with the Atom SE, Dreamer Mini 4k, Dreamer Pro, and Dreamer 4K drones

Most Potensic drones will use a Wi-Fi connection to connect the phone to the drone, not a cable connection to the remote controller, like with DJI drones.

How to connect Potensic Atom SE to a phone

The Potensic Atom SE is a fantastic sub-250-gram drone capable of flying up to 31 minutes per battery pack with a decent 4K camera and transmission range.

This drone will use a cable to connect the mobile phone to your remote controller.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the PotensicPro app on your mobile phone and create an account or log in with your Potensic credentials.
  2. Mount your phone on the remote controller and use the OTG cable provided (connection is via cable) to connect your phone with the remote controller.
  3. Short press the power button to power on the remote controller for one second and then long press for six seconds.
  4. Open the app.
  5. Short press the power button on the drone for one second, then press and hold for six seconds (as with the remote controller) to power on the drone.
  6. Now the drone and remote controller will be automatically connected.
  7. Tap to enter the flight interface and perform any required calibrations before your first flight.

How to connect Potensic Dreamer 4K to a phone

The Potensic Dreamer 4K is a decent GPS quadcopter with a three-axis mechanical gimbal camera that is capable of flying up to 28 minutes per battery pack.

This drone has a maximum transmission range of only 1.24 miles or 2 kilometers, and to connect it to a phone, you can use Wi-Fi.

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Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the PotensicPro App from Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone) and log in or create a new account.
  2. Turn on the aircraft by clicking the power button and then long pressing until you hear a sound.
  3. Unfold the antennas on the remote controller and install the joysticks.
  4. Place the mobile phone on the remote controller. You don’t need any cables to connect to this drone.
  5. Turn on the remote controller by long pressing it.
  6. If the aircraft is on (as in following step 2), go to your phone Wi-Fi list and search for a Wi-Fi named Potensic, followed by some random characters.
  7. Input the password, which is 12345678.
  8. Afterward, return to the PotensicPro app.
  9. Lastly, perform any firmware updates or calibrations if required.

How to connect the Potensic T25 to a phone

The Potensic T25 is an entry-level quadcopter that uses a Wi-Fi signal from your mobile phone to obtain a live image. 

The camera resolution is 2K, and it has GPS and a few innovative features.

Follow the next tutorial to connect your Potensic T25 drone to your mobile phone:

  1. Download and install the Potensic-G App from the Google Play or Apple App Store and open the app.
  2. Turn on the drone and set it on a level surface.
  3. Mount the phone on the remote controller.
  4. Turn on the remote controller by pressing up and down on the left joystick.
  5. Turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile device and look for the Potensic-xyz (or similar characters), then connect with it. If asked for a password, insert 12345678.
  6. Open the app and press “Controls.”
  7. Follow the GPS compass calibration as shown on the screen and gyroscope if required.
  8. If anything goes wrong with your setup, go back to the main app page and tap “Quick Start” and follow the on-screen displayed tutorials.

Other Potensic drones will follow similar guides to connect your drone to your mobile device on the required app, depending on your Potensic drone model.

Why do we need to connect the Potensic Drones to the phone?

The Potensic remote controllers do not have any integrated screens to display a live image (as with a DJI RC on DJI drones). Therefore, you need a mobile phone to connect to the drone.

Although the Potensic Atom SE requires you to connect the phone with a cable to the remote controller, this comes at an advantage, as the remote controller will not only transmit pilot input to the drone, but it will receive a video link that is displayed on the mobile phone. 

This gives the Atom SE a better transmission range than other Potensic drones, where you must connect the drone directly to the mobile phone for a live image.

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