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How to Turn DJI Avata On / Off (Goggles, Remote & Motion Controller)

Ah, that giddy feeling when the delivery truck pulls in. Since you’ve been tracking it the whole time, you know just what that driver is bringing up the stoop. Then you hear it, the doorbell chime.

Or maybe you’re one of those really anxious ones and don’t even wait for the chime, having thrown the door open upon approach. A quick signature and then it’s in your arms.

Your new DJI Avata has arrived! You quickly make your way to that favorite space of yours and get everything opened. There it is, like a sleeping griffin. Your brand new DJI Avata and its assorted attire. Now what?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Note: One of the first things to do is get everything charged up.

Once you have that done, we’ll get to the steps to get you into the air and get that sleeping griffin a-soaring.

While we’re charging up, let’s make sure we have the apps we need.

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What apps do you need for the Avata?

Do you have the apps you need to fly your new Avata? Are they the most recent version? You may need to update.

In order to use the DJI Avata, you will need to have the DJI Fly App, of course. You’ll also want to have the DJI Assistant 2 App (Consumer Drone Series). Be sure it’s this one.

There are a few DJI Assistant 2 Apps, and sometimes it’s hard to know which one is the one you need. For the DJI Avata, you need the Consumer Drone Series.

There’s also another app that is a good one to have, and that is the DJI Virtual Flight App. If you are new to this style of flight (FPV), I highly recommend checking the Virtual Flight App out. It’s not bad as far as flight apps go.

I would also recommend checking into other simulator apps as well, as there are better ones out there.

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How to power on the DJI Avata

Now that we’ve updated the apps and have everything charged up, let’s get powered up and into the air. In order to start the DJI Avata:

  • Remove the Gimbal Cover
  • Install the SD Card
  • Install the Battery
  • Press and hold the Battery power button for 2 seconds.
  • The Avata is now powered on.

The Avata is ready to be powered on. Like all DJI Aircraft, by pressing the power button on the battery and holding it for 2 seconds, the battery and the Avata will power on. You will hear a three-chime tone as the aircraft initiates.

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The DJI Avata is now powered on and ready to be linked to the controller and the goggles.

You will have to bind all three units together before you can lift off. Right now, we’re just powering everything on.

How to power on the DJI Goggles 2

Here are the steps to follow to power on the Goggles 2:

  1. Start by unfolding the antennas.
  2. Remove the screen protector.
  3. Attach the headband (if you haven’t already done so).
  4. Use the power cable provided to connect the power port of the goggles to the goggle’s battery.
  5. Press the power button on the battery once and then press again and hold for 2 seconds to power the goggles on.

The goggles should now be powered on, and the DJI logo should be loading on the screen. Once the bootup sequence is complete, a menu page will appear. The goggles are now ready to be bound to the controller and aircraft. We’ll cover that more below.

The DJI V2 Googles are equipped with IPD or Interpupillary Distance sliders so you can adjust the view to suit your vision.

Here we see a new feature in the DJI goggles as the new DJI Goggles 2 are equipped with diopter adjustments. These are the two knobs found on the underside of the goggles.

After completing the headband attachment and adjusting the IPD or Interpupillary Distance with the sliders (these sliders move the lenses in and out so the image is properly aligned), you can now adjust the diopter knobs to get the clearest view.

To unlock the diopter knobs, turn the knobs counterclockwise, and the knobs will unlock and pop out. Toggle the knobs right and left to adjust the distance between the lenses till they are properly aligned.

Now, slowly rotate the knobs to adjust the diopter. The DJI Goggles 2 have a supported adjustment range of -8.0 D to +2.0 D. Once you have achieved the clearest view possible, rotate the knobs in a clockwise position to lock the knobs back into their locked position.

Note: As a caveat here, it should be pointed out that diopter lenses do not support astigmatism correction. If you require astigmatism correction or the diopters are unsuitable, you can purchase additional lenses and use the eyeglass frames provided to install them on the goggles.

This can be quite the process and will require an optical professional to get the lenses you need to be able to install them into the goggles.

How to power on the Motion Controller

Located on the right side of the DJI Motion Controller is the power button.

Press once and then press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. The controller will now be powered on.

How to power on the FPV Controller 2

Follow these steps to power on the FPV Controller 2:

  1. Start by removing the control sticks from their holders and installing them.
  2. Unfold the Antenna.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the controller for 2 seconds.
  4. The controller will initiate and power on.

Linking/Binding the Avata and the Controller

Now that everything is on and ready to go, we will have to go through the steps of linking or binding the three together. Once you’ve done this a couple of times, it will become a quicker and easier process.

So, one last check of the surroundings and a quick confab with your Visual Observer, and let’s go.

  1. With everything powered on, press the link button on the goggles.
  2. The goggles will beep continually.
  3. Press and hold the power button on the aircraft until the aircraft’s battery LED lights blink in sequence.
  4. Once linking/binding has been completed, the battery LEDs will turn solid and show the battery level as normal.

We will repeat this process for the controller (it is the same steps for both the Motion Controller and the FPV Controller 2):

  1. Press and hold the power button on the aircraft until the aircraft’s battery LED lights blink in sequence.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the control device.
  3. Hold the power button until the controller starts beeping and the battery level LEDs blink in sequence.
  4. Once linking/binding is successful, the controller will stop beeping, and the Battery LEDs on both devices will remain solid and show the current battery level as normal.


You’ve now completed the powering on and linking/binding the controller, goggles, and the Avata together. There’s only one thing left to do. Fly!

It may have taken us a few minutes to get everything set up and ready, but you are now ready to lift off and see the world through the eye of your DJI Avata. Enjoy your flight!

Fly Safe, Fly Always, Always Fly Safe!

Image Credit:
Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash (link)