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A Modern Take on Drone Insurance

A new option for on-demand drone insurance is now on the market, as of last month. June 28 saw the launch of, the first digital portal for drone insurance solutions offered by insurtech company REIN. An entirely modern approach to insurance, offers a paperless drone insurance experience, with flexible and dynamic policy options to meet the needs of commercial drone operators in a wide variety of industries.

It just makes sense that the cutting edge industry of drones would be paired with a sleek, modern insurance option. The automated platform offered by allows commercial drone operators to select a policy that is tailored to their needs, and manage their policy entirely online. For a monthly amount per drone, businesses can protect their ground operations, and can then purchase on-demand flight coverage for as little as a day, up to a year, or somewhere in between.

“This product is about empowering commercial drone operators,” said Christopher Dean, CEO at REIN. “From higher liability limits for episodic flight coverage, to sensors and physical damage coverage options, our product aims to solve the unmet needs in the commercial drone insurance industry.  Our platform will enable the industry to grow with the dynamic and evolving drone use cases and their emerging risks.”

Unlike the policies offered by some traditional carriers, the insurance offered through is designed specifically for drone operators. In addition to flight coverage and coverage for ground-based business liability, there are other offerings such as physical damage coverage, coverage for ground equipment and sensors, and personal & advertising injury coverage. Additionally, coverage is not limited to a particular radius or location, but extends to nearly everywhere in the world (subject to local laws, policy terms, conditions and exclusions).’s offerings are now available all but six* of the United States via an intuitive web and mobile-ready dashboard.

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* is now available throughout the United States except in NY, NJ, KY, IL, WV and MN.