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Daniel Cepeda

Daniel has completed several drone courses, including certification for the Phantom 4 and Parrot Disco AG drones. He enjoys working with his UAS, conducting photogrammetry, aerial photography, and audiovisual projects.

How to Fly a Drone: Ultimate Beginner Guide (with Drawings)

This guide will teach you all you need to know about flying one of these cutting-edge birds safely. Basic, intermediate and advanced maneuvers, setting up your drone, logbooks, and operations, understanding the major physics forces, and tips on safety are just a few of the topics you will find covered here.

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Best Drones Under $1,000

We’ll go through the finest drones under $1,000 in this article so you can make the best decision when buying your next aircraft, whether it’s for professional or leisure use. We will look at the most popular options, as well as an FPV that established its own tier, a water-resistant option developed specifically for aquatic activities, and a few more.

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DJI Fly App Compatible Devices (& Troubleshooting)

I have often had my students ask me if their devices were compatible with the drone they were considering buying. At first, I thought it was a casual issue, but as time has passed, I have come to understand that it can be a problem more frequently than it should be. Today, we will look at which Android …

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