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Gabriel Mihalcea

• Professional photographer
• Certified drone pilot (EASA in Europe, CAA in the UK)
• Passionate about creating cinematic FPV content

Gabriel Mihalcea is an author/writer for Droneblog. He is also tasked with correlating to the media and links, formatting, fact-checking, and following specific guidelines across all articles on Droneblog before publishing.

In addition, Gabriel is an FPV drone pilot who is in love with FPV and standard GPS drones and has a passion for writing that fires up his devotion to creating content and helping new drone pilots get into this hobby.

Experience & Background

Gabriel has a wide range of projects in his portfolio, including years of professional photography, writing, and flying drones.

His love for technology started at a young age but was fulfilled after graduating from the University of Petrosani in 2014 in Computer Science.

From the age of 18, Gabriel also traveled around Europe and worked in different countries, such as the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, where he established himself for over eight years with his life partner.

His experience and background in technological understanding helped him through his career years. Now, he is focusing on creating content in the drone domain and with different business plans in mind.

At this time, Gabriel Mihalcea is an author for Droneblog. He is the fuel behind "FPVCraft," which focuses on creating FPV-related content.

Under his portfolio, he also built multiple blogs and websites, some of which are finding success even nowadays.

Whilst photography has been his passion since childhood, Gabriel was able to develop this passion into a career until he started to concentrate more on activating in the drone industry.

Some of his photographs were assigned as free stock images, and he managed to reach an audience of millions of people interested in his pictures, which are being used in tens of thousands of projects around the world, including some large organizations, newspapers, and magazine sites.

But the drone passion started in 2018 with purchasing his first-ever "professional" drone, the original Mavic Air. His venture into FPV started in 2021.

Currently, he is a certified drone pilot with EASA in Europe and CAA in the UK. His plan for 2024-2025 is to acquire the A2 CofC and GVC certifications. He also plans to open a drone business in the United Kingdom soon, focusing on standard and FPV drones.

Personal life

Gabriel is 33 years old and has been cohabitating with his partner for nearly ten years. From Petrila, Romania, he explored some European opportunities and drove his passions to his extremes, sometimes with good success and sometimes without.

On top of photography and drones, he also loves gaming a lot and has about ten years of practice playing guitar. He is always shy to play the guitar in front of groups, but who knows what the future may hold?

As a passion he has always loved astrophysics and astronomy since his childhood and shared some history of owning several telescopes and a large number of binoculars. Maybe that's why one of his blogs was entirely focused on binoculars.

At times, he returns with a fiery passion for capturing astrophotographs (hopefully at a professional level in the future).

He is also a fan of science fiction TV series, and he would never miss any new shows, no matter how bad they are :). And sometimes, laziness is his strong suit.

You can connect with Gabriel Mihalcea at: for Droneblog enquires, or