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Gabriel Mihalcea

• Professional photographer
• Certified drone pilot (EASA in Europe, CAA in the UK)
• Passionate about creating cinematic FPV content

Gabriel Mihalcea is a certified drone pilot based in Romania. He is accredited by the EASA in Europe and the CAA in the UK. He ventured into the drone industry in 2018, transitioning from DSLR as a professional photographer.

In 2021, Gabriel began by immersing himself in the FPV world. His passion lies especially with creating cinematic FPV content. He has since spread his expertise to all forms of FPV, such as freestyle and free flights, as well as GPS drone flights for a wide variety of applications. You could say he is obsessed with drones.

Gabriel is the enterprising fuel behind FPVCraft and has been a contributing author for Droneblog since 2023.