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Lauren Guarneri

Lauren Guarneri is a director, writer, editor and commercial drone operator based in Montreal, Canada. Lauren is a certified advanced drone pilot with Transport Canada and has professional drone training from the CQFA (Center Quebecois De Formation Aeronautique).

The art of aerial cinematography has become a lot more accessible throughout the years with the democratization of drones. Getting started in aerial cinematography might seem as simple as just flying a drone and pressing record while you do it, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Although there is no one recipe …

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We’ve all seen those incredible photos from seemingly impossible perspectives. And if you’ve ever wondered ‘how on earth do I do that?’, well the answer is simple – drones. Drones have been able to surpass what seemed possible in the world of photography and take the art to the next level – literally. So, what …

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