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Best SD Cards for Holy Stone HS720E

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Best SD Cards for Holy Stone HS720E

The Holy Stone HS720E is a drone that is very accessible to many new pilots because of its low price.

And the features it offers are beyond what some competitors offer. We like the HS720E – it’s a decent drone.

As you know, most drones require an SD card to store the videos and photos you record with the drone. And the HS720E is no exception.

At Droneblog, we have tested many SD cards with many drones over the years, so we have some excellent recommendations for you.

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Quick Verdict

If you’re searching for an SD card to use with the HS720E, here are some recommendations about which SD cards work excellently well with this drone.

We’ll cover any other questions you may have about SD cards later in the article.

  1. SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC – Best Overall SD Card
  2. Lexar Professional 667x 128GB – Best Premium SD Card
  3. Samsung 64GB Evo Plus Class 10 Micro – Best Rugged SD Card
  4. Netac Micro SD Card 64GB 2 Packs – Best Alternative SD Card

1. SanDisk 128GB Extreme microSDXC – Best Overall SD Card

The SanDisk version is my first choice if you’re looking for an SD card for your Holy Stone HS720E.

I have about 5 or 6 SanDisk SD cards from 64 GB to 256GB, and all have been reliable over the years, working without the slightest issues with all my drones.

And with the Holy Stone HS720E, there’s no exception.

But what does this card have to offer?

  • The card offers offload speeds up to 190mb/s
  • Supports 4k and 5k filming at high framerate
  • Rated A2 for faster loading and in-app performance
  • SanDisk creates the most popular and reliable SD cards in the world.

For the HS720E, you have to get 128GB or less due to capacity SD card restrictions.

SanDisk has never failed me, and I use their cards on a daily basis with many devices, in addition to this Holy Stone drone.

SanDisk Extreme 128GB V30 A2 microSDXC
$20.99 $17.99
Buy from Amazon
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03/06/2024 03:16 pm GMT

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2. Lexar Professional 667x 128GB – Best Premium SD Card

It may sound strange that Lexar names a ” professional ” card when it’s designed for professionals to begin with – but it’s true.

Lexar is known to create many MicroSD and SD cards, from drones to DSLR and professional film production, that prove reliable over the long term.

I personally own a few Lexar MicroSD cards and have used one large Lexar SD for my DSLR camera for many years. The Lexar is extremely fast at emptying the buffer after a series of high-speed shots.

But with the Holy Stone HS720E, expect this card to work exceptionally well. 

Now let’s see what this card has to offer for your drone:

  • It’s a Class 10, UHS speed Class 3 (U3), and video Speed Class 30 (V30) SD card with quick writing speeds and overall access.
  • It is a premium type of SD card made for professionals.
  • Can reach reading speeds of up to 100mb/s.
  • It can easily write 4k footage from the Holy Stone HS720E without stuttering.

You definitely cannot go wrong with the Lexar SD card, which has 128 GB capacity for your Holy Stone drone.

Lexar Professional 667x Video 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card (LSDMI128VBNA667A)
$19.99 $13.99
  • Premium memory solution for action Cameras and drones 
  • Quickly captures, plays back, and transfers media files, including 1080P full-HD, 3D, and 4K video 
  • High-speed, Class 10, UHS speed Class 3 (U3) and video Speed Class 30 (V30) performance—leverages UHS-I technology for a read transfer Speed up to 100MB/s (667x) 
  • Stores up to 12 hours of 4K UHD video, 40 hours of Full-HD video, or 75, 000 photos 
  • Includes high-speed, Class 10 card backed with lifetime limited product support, and SD adapter

Buy from Amazon
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03/06/2024 05:22 pm GMT

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3. Samsung 64GB Evo Plus Class 10 Micro – Best Rugged SD Card

Samsung is well known for its products, including the global manufacturing of top-of-the-line hard drives (SSD+M2) and storage options, including SD cards.

It is a reliable company in terms of storage, and I have more than a few Samsung hard drives and SD cards. 

The advantage of the Samsung 64GB EVO Plus card over others is that it is made to withstand even harsh environments.

So let’s see what this card has to offer:

  • According to Samsung, this card is water, temperature, X-ray, and magnetic-proof.
  • It has up to 80MB/s transfer speed.
  • It’s widely compatible with many devices, including all sorts of drones. Holy Stone HS720E is one of them.
  • Samsung is a reliable company in terms of storage options.

The mid-tier version of SD cards from Samsung, the “EVO Plus,” is more than enough for what you need for your Holy Stone drone. But be aware that although it works with the HS720E, it may not work with the HS720 basic version.

Samsung EVO Plus 64GB
$13.49 $10.00
Buy from Amazon
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03/06/2024 07:12 pm GMT

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4. Netac Micro SD Card 64GB 2 Packs – Best Alternative SD Card

Netac is yet another SD card company that produces cheap but reliable MicroSD cards that are well-compatible with a wide variety of drones.

At Droneblog, we have a collection of SD cards of all sorts we use in our drones. 

So we use them regularly for our projects or hobbyist flights at times, and they work without issues.

The Netac SD card is one of them. 

Although its performance doesn’t compare with SanDisk’s, this card is good as an alternative. And let’s be honest here: we get 2 MicroSD cards in the pack.

That’s great because if we have multiple batteries to fly our Holy Stone HS720E drone and we capture something incredible, we need to protect that content – so what’s better than swapping out the SD card, just in case?

In terms of performance and features, this SD card offers:

  • Read speed up to 100mb/s and write speed up to 30mb/s part of U3/V30 speed class.
  • Protection from extreme temperatures, shock, water, and x-rays.
  • Supports the A1 application performance class, making this SD card faster on many devices.

It may look scary as 30mb/s is pretty low in terms of writing speed for drones, but believe me, very few drones will require a higher writing speed to save the footage.

And 30mb/s is, in fact, 240mbps writing speed, which is ideal to use with the HS720E even when recording in 4k at 30fps.

Netac Micro SD Card 64GB 2 Packs

Mini TF Memory Card with up to 100 MB/s, UHS-1, U3, Class 10, SDXC, EXFAT, V30, A1, 4K, UHD, FHD

Buy from Amazon
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03/06/2024 05:31 pm GMT

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What SD Cards can the Holy Stone HS720E support?

Although there’s not a clear answer from Holy Stone of which cards are more suitable (DJI lists the best compatible SD cards for their drones), we do know a few things:

  • The Holy Stone HS720E can support MicroSD cards with a maximum capacity of 128GB, whereas the earlier drone version, the HS720, supports up to 32 GB.
  • This drone can film in 4k at 30fps. The manufacturer doesn’t share the video’s bitrate, so we had to guess which SD cards worked, and then we bought and tried them. We expect the bitrate to be under 100mbps for this resolution and framerate, which is not an issue for any of our recommended SD cards for this drone.
  • It’s essential to pick the right SD card for your drone based on how you use it. Do you often travel with the HS720E and go through airport security? The data could get corrupted if the SD card is not X-ray proof. What about humid environments – does the SD card have to be waterproof? 

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Read/Write Speed

The read speed will always be higher in SD cards than the write speed. When we record with our drones, we have to look at the writing speed.

There are also some symbols on the front of the SD cards that will help you identify if the card is the right one for a drone.

For instance:

  • If you see a “3” in a bucket, that means the SD card has U3 or UHS Speed Class 3, which is about a minimum of 30mb/s writing speed.
  • Like the U-class, we have the V-class, such as the V30. It has a minimum video writing speed of 30mb/s.

These numbers can differ, but anything greater than that should work just fine with recording 4k content; in fact, with the HS720E, you won’t even need as much speed to record without stuttering, but it’s better to be there.

All of our recommended SD cards surpass the minimum specs to record well and have a great experience with your HS720E.

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SD card capacity

As we already mentioned, the HS720E can support SD cards of up to 128GB. By SD, we always refer to “MicroSD” cards, just to be clear.

While most DJI drones support a card capacity of up to 256GB, Holy Stone drones are more limited.

But 128GB is more than enough to record at least 2-3 hours of videos in 4k at 30 frames per second. And if you feel you need more, you can always grab another SD card. They’re really not that expensive.

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Conclusion: Best SD Cards for Holy Stone HS720E

Let’s get real for a second here.

Any of the SD cards we recommended will do just fine and work flawlessly with the Holy Stone HS720E.

But our top recommended pick would be the SanDisk version because of its higher speed and reliability.

However, as we already mentioned, if you’re looking for more protection against data loss in terms of waterproof, magnetic, or x-ray factors, you can pick any of the SD cards we mentioned to have; they are rated for these aspects.

Although the SanDisk is not officially rated as such, don’t worry; these cards have a good level of protection as well.

I can’t remember how many times I went through airport security or placed my SanDisk cards near a speaker, and I never had an issue with it.

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