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Best Budget Holy Stone Drone for the Money (With Prices)

Holy Stone is a beginner-friendly drone manufacturer that strives to make UAVs available to the masses. Their drones might not be as high-tech as a DJI, but for the very reasonable price a Holy Stone drone sells for, they’re a good choice. But which is the best Holy Stone drone for the money?

The Holy Stone HS120D is one of the best drones from this manufacturer. It has a reasonable price point of $200 and includes advanced features such as follow me, a 2K FHD camera, GPS features, and custom paths. 

In this article, we’ll review not only the Holy Stone HS120D but other drones from this brand. No matter what level of drone-flying skill you possess, there’s an affordable Holy Stone drone for you! 

The Best Budget Holy Stone Drones

Do you want a good drone from Holy Stone for under $100? What about for less than $50? The brand’s mini drones are some of the lowest-priced around. 

These drones are perfect for beginners who worry they’ll damage their drone as they learn how to fly it. We also recommend this collection of Holy Stone UAVs for those who just started flying a drone and aren’t sure if they’ll stick with it as a hobby. 

Here are three of our favorite budget Holy Stone picks. 


A quality drone for under $50? They do exist, and the HS450 is one of them. This mini drone for kids and adults alike retails for $32, which is ridiculously cheap. Many high-end drones are over $1,000, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

The HS450 can fly for 21 minutes (with 3 included batteries). Weighing a mere 1.2 ounces, this Holy Stone drone features three stunt flight modes: 3D Flip, Circle Fly, and Auto-Rotating. Headless Mode and Altitude Hold will also impress all your friends and make it much easier to fly. 

Five sensors across the drone make it ultra-responsive to your controls. Since the propellers have plastic cages, you can toss the HS450 into the air to start it. You can also catch it and grab it anytime you need to without worrying about cutting your hands.


The HS190 is another excellent budget drone, retailing for $35. Flying up to 50 meters, when this drone’s battery dies, you can charge it via the controller’s included charging cable or with a USB. It takes 40 minutes to fully charge the HS190. 

LED lights make navigating delightful, and users can switch from low to high speeds with a three-speed mode. Headless Mode keeps your drone oriented to you when flying it. Kids won’t be able to get enough of the 3D Flip mode!

With Altitude Hold, you can keep the drone suspended at a height of your choosing. This small drone uses a single button for takeoff as well as landing. When not in use, you can fold the HS190. This drone doesn’t have propeller covers, so young kids shouldn’t play with it.


The HS340 has a cool look that will make your kid the envy of the schoolyard. The price is also agreeable for most parents, as this Holy Stone drone costs only $58

Since it’s a little more expensive, the HS340 comes equipped with more high-tech features that make it worth the money. You can set waypoints and watch this drone fly. Circle Fly and Auto-Rotation also let your drone move autonomously. 

With voice control, you can command the HS340 hands-free. Its 720p camera can take both videos and photos. When you download the Holy Stone app, you can send your drone footage straight to your phone. 

The other great features that we covered above are available in the HS340 as well, including single-key startup and landing, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, and emergency stopping.  

The Best Beginner Holy Stone Drones

The above mini drones are great for young kids, but what if your teens want a UAV that’s a little more advanced? This collection of drones is exactly what you’re looking for. 

As beginner drones, they’re easy for anyone to pick up and use but have advanced features that will make even green drone pilots look like experts. 

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For $65, the HS350 is a small investment. This UAV features a 1080p camera that’s even higher quality than the HS340. That camera is designed for capturing video and photos with a 110-degree wide-angle lens. 

With Gesture Control, you can pose and take selfies with the HS350. The three-speed mode is back for ultra-fast drone flight or reduced speeds. The flight duration of this drone is 15 minutes with the addition of a 3.7-volt modular battery running at 1800 mAh. 

All it takes is the push of a button to send the HS350 flying or to bring it back down to earth. This drone also compacts when you’re done flying it so it’s small enough to fit into a kid’s backpack. 


Remade in 2020, the HS140 is another great beginner drone. Retailing for $80, Holy Stone upgraded this model to fly for 17 minutes at a clip. Included with your purchase are four spare propellers and a LiPo battery for quick charging.

Fly in Headless Mode, use Altitude Hold, and allow LEDs to guide you. The speed adjustments for the HS140 only give you two settings, not three. Making up for that are features like custom flight maps, voice controls, and Gesture Control.

The 1080p camera photographs in 1280 by 720p and films in 1920 by 1080p. Since the HS140 uses the Holy Stone app, you can automatically transfer your footage to your smartphone from the drone. The transmission range for images is up to 328 feet. 

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Another cool beginner Holy Stone drone is the HS200D, which costs $60. Since the camera and battery feature a modular design, figuring out how to use this drone is easy, even for first-timers. The HS200D flies for 10 minutes at a time and charges using a 1000 mAh modularized LiPo battery.

Headless Mode will prevent the kids from losing their drone while Altitude Hold activates when you let go of the throttle stick on the remote. The wide-angle camera included with the HS200D can even stream FPV video live so your kids can show off to the whole school. 

The 720p HD camera has a 120-degree wide-angle lens for bringing your landscape to life in awesome detail. Features such as voice controls and flight paths are also available.  

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The Best Advanced Holy Stone Drones

Holy Stone doesn’t only produce kiddie drones. For intermediate to expert users, you have plenty of great options to choose from that won’t break the bank. Here are three of Holy Stone’s more advanced drone models.


For $160, the HS175 is packed full of features you’ll use all the time. There are all the standard Holy Stone features such as Altitude Hold, Gesture Control, Headless Mode, and Circle Flying as well as some great additions.

GPS Auto Return will send the drone back to a predetermined return point. When you turn on Follow Me Mode, the HS175 will trail your motions so you can take photos and videos hands-free.

You’ll capture your best footage yet with a 2K UHD FPV camera that rotates 90 degrees, including adjustments up or down. The single-button takeoff and landing modes allow you to start flying faster, and thanks to the LiPo battery in the HS175, you can fly longer too. This drone can sustain flight for 22 minutes per battery.

The camera can capture a 5G FPV video transmission for live-streaming all your adventures with the HS175. Your photos will come out in 2048 by 1080p resolution, and you can send your photos straight to your smartphone from your drone. 


The HS110G is certainly a drone to have on your radar. It costs $165, so it’s hardly more expensive than the HS175. For your money, you’ll get a drone carrying case, two batteries, and four spare propellers. 

The HS110G can fly for 26 minutes (with 2 batteries), giving you plenty of time to do tricks or take photos and videos. You can control this Holy Stone drone right through the app or with its cool-looking remote control.

The 1080p camera allows you to take first-person images, and with a custom flight path and Follow Me mode, your drone photography can go to new heights, quite literally! Auto Return will help your drone come back to you when you’re ready to wrap up using it.

This drone can’t record video, but it does have a voice-recording feature through the phone app.

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Last but certainly not least is one of the best drones Holy Stone manufactures, the HS120D. Its remote has a control range of up to 2.4 gigahertz so your drone can ascend 3,000 dizzying feet into the sky. The remote also displays your GPS signal strength and your remaining battery.

With several sensors built into the HS120D, the stability of this drone puts it among the top of the pile of Holy Stone UAVs. Brushless motors provide a quieter flight experience and prevent the HS120D from sucking up a lot of battery power when it’s in flight. 

The GPS features included with this Holy Stone drone are Follow Me and auto-return. Do you feel like taking pictures? The 2K FHD camera comes complete with Image Stabilization and a shock absorber so your pictures are clearer. The resolution of images is 2048 by 1152p. The camera lens moves 90 degrees, and the camera includes FPV transmission. 

With a flight time of 36 minutes (with 2 batteries) and an included carrying bag, this drone is worth it for $200.   


As the above list exemplifies, there are plenty of Holy Stone drones that are worth every penny. If you want a cheap drone, you can get your hands on a Holy Stone for under $50. For those who don’t mind spending a bit more money, you’ll also find a great selection of drones from this brand!

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Image Credit: Big Drone Flyer77 R/C