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Drones Compatible with DJI Goggles (Complete List)

The world of drone flying is still continuously evolving as we are seeing new developments in the way we enjoy flying our drones. As an example of this, DJI, one of the leading drone manufacturers in the world, has recently released the DJI Goggles, which will allow you to actually fly your drone in a virtual reality kind of experience as you get to see from a first-person view what the drone’s camera sees. If you already have a drone, and are interested in getting the DJI Goggles, you may be wondering which drones are compatible with the DJI Goggles.

Many DJI drones are compatible with the DJI Goggles including: Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Spark, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire Series (1 and 2). The DJI Goggles unfortunately do not work with drones from other companies, and are only compatible with DJI drones.

That said, while there are limits in terms of the drones that are compatible with the DJI Goggles, this is a breakthrough tech that you might want to experience for yourself because it allows you to enjoy a drone in a way that is unlike any other drone experience. But before you go out and buy your own pair of DJI Goggles, you still have to make sure that you actually have a drone that is compatible with the DJI Goggles.

What are the DJI Goggles?

When it comes to flying drones, this is a hobby with increasing popularity as there are more and more people who want to enjoy this endeavor. After all, drones can do more than just fly as they actually come with cameras that you can use for taking selfies, snapping aerial photos, and shooting videos of the landscape from a bird’s eye view.

While drone technology is already great on its own, it is still undergoing a lot of different developments and improvements to make the experience better and more immersive. And speaking of immersive, we have also been seeing a growth in virtual reality or VR technology as gaming consoles and PCs are now making use of this technology to allow us to enjoy our hobbies to a fuller extent.

Interestingly enough, one of the biggest companies in the drone market actually has a product that will put you in the cockpit of the drone by giving you a VR-like experience when you are flying your drone. As drone tech and experience are still very much improving, DJI actually incorporated virtual reality in drones in the form of the DJI Goggles, which are wearable goggles that you strap on your head to have a VR-like experience with your drone.

However, what exactly are the DJI Goggles, and what do they do?

What the DJI Goggles do is that they allow you to have a virtual reality experience, with the emphasis on reality – DJI Goggles allow you to see the world in a brand new light as you are now basically placed in the shoes of your drone so that you can see what the drone’s camera is seeing as you are wearing the Goggles. It is essentially giving you a view from above as if you are a bird that is hovering over a field as you are essentially using the drone’s cameras like a pair of eyes.

What Can You Do With DJI Goggles?

The DJI Goggles were specifically designed for you to be able to fly your drone using a first-person view or FPV, which isn’t something that you get to experience in quite the same way with other drones. However, surprisingly, you are also placed in front of the controls of the drone as you are not merely a spectator wearing the DJI Goggles while someone else is flying it. That’s because the Goggles themselves provide you with seamless controls that will allow you to control the drone yourself using the head tracking flight feature.

The head movement tracking basically allows you to control the drone using your head, as you have to turn your head to the right if you want to turn the drone right or turn it left if you want to turn the drone left. So, basically, it really puts you in the shoes of the drone as you are controlling the entire UAV as if you are actually the drone. This gives you a more immersive experience when you are using your drone as DJI is merely scratching the surface of what their Goggles can do.

DJI Drones Compatible with DJI Goggles 

If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of DJI Goggles, here are some of the DJI drones that are actually compatible with them:

1. Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom

The Mavic 2 and the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom are all compatible with the DJI Goggles. These drones come equipped with amazing cameras that will allow you to see through the Goggles from an entirely new point of view as the Mavic 2 Pro has its amazing Hasselblad camera while the Mavic 2 Zoom comes with a 12MP sensor with 4x zoom. 

When you are using these drones with the DJI Goggles, you are going to have the best view possible. It’s like you are placed in the shoes of a bird as you are able to soar through the sky at speeds of up to 72 kph. That means that you are not just simply a bird but perhaps an eagle with the kind of speed that the Mavic 2 drones come with.

2. Mavic Pro

Among all of the DJI drones that are compatible with the Goggles, only the Mavic Pro can connect with it wirelessly as it uses the Goggles’ high-end OcuSync data transmission tech, which allows you to make use of your drone for a live view of the camera at low latencies. 

The Mavic Pro is also capable of supporting all of the functions that the DJI Goggles have to offer, making it the best in terms of the overall experience when it comes to the Goggles. So, if you are looking to make use of everything that the DJI Goggles have to offer, one of your best bets is the Mavic Pro.

3. Mavic Air

Think of the Mavic Air as the smaller and more compact version of the Mavic Pro as it is about half the size of the Pro. However, it does not have all of the DJI Goggles features that the Pro has. Nevertheless, it still is great if you want to experience the Goggles with a drone.

The Mavic Air comes with SmartCapture mode and Quickshots that will allow you to take photos and videos in the air using the DJI Goggles. While it isn’t capable of all of the features that the Pro is capable of when using the DJI Goggles due to the drone’s limitations, the only critical feature it lacks is a wireless connection with the Goggles. Other than that, it comes complete with everything else.

4. Spark

The smaller Spark is indeed compatible with the DJI Goggles. However, in terms of integration, it actually lacks a lot but you can still be sure that it still is fully compatible with the Goggles only that it doesn’t have the same kind of immersive experience due to its lower specs. Meanwhile, because its camera can only move up or down, you won’t be able to use the Spark to look left and right when you are using the DJI Goggles. It might not be as immersive as the others but it still is great to use.

5. Phantom 4 Series

Even though the Phantom 3 is also compatible with the DJI Goggles, the newer and better Phantom series gives you a better and more immersive experience. Despite the fact that the Goggles were made after these drones were introduced, DJI still made it a point to provide them with full integration but only through a USB cable (plugged into the controller). The Advanced and Pro variants will be able to provide you with 1080p video streaming. Also, all Phantom 4 series models are compatible with the head tracking feature.

6. Inspire Series

When it comes to drones that offer the best cinematography, nothing beats the Inspire series. In that regard, the Inspire 2 is the best in terms of that, and the good part is that it is compatible with the DJI Goggles when connected via a USB cable. In addition, it still gives you a good experience in terms of what the Inspire Series can do with its camera as you can probably shoot pro-level videos using the Inspire 2 via the DJI Goggles.

DJI Drones Not Compatible with DJI Goggles

The sad part here is that not all DJI drones are actually compatible with the DJI Goggles regardless of how good some of these drones may be. It’s probably because these drones just don’t have the hardware that would allow them to support what the DJI Goggles are capable of.

Regardless of what the reasons may be, what we know is that the Mavic 2 Enterprise, Mavic Air 2, or the Mavic Mini are not compatible with the DJI Goggles as the Goggles just don’t integrate with these drones.

Can DJI Goggles be used with other brands?

Another thing that you should know about the DJI Goggles is that they are not compatible with other drone brands due to the fact that this technology is currently proprietary and that DJI made it a point to make sure that you should only be using a DJI drone when using the DJI Goggles.

Moreover, had DJI made the Goggles compatible with other drone brands, they would end up losing a share of the market to their competitors as some consumers would most likely buy from other brands when using the DJI Goggles. 

Image Credit: DJI