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How to QuickTransfer With the DJI Mini 2

The QuickTransfer feature in the DJI Mini 2 allows quick drone footage downloads directly to your smartphone. This makes it easy to share and edit your footage from your smartphone, but you must have the DJI Fly app.

But do you know how to use QuickTransfer with the DJI Mini 2?

To use QuickTransfer, ensure the drone and smartphone stay on. After opening the DJI Fly app on your device, you will get a prompt to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. After a successful connection, choose your favorite videos and photos. You will get them from the drone’s memory card. Proceed by downloading them to the smartphone.

In the sections below, we’ll go over several different methods of using QuickTransfer on your DJI Mini 2.

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How do you use QuickTransfer on the DJI Mini 2?

Here are the basic steps to follow to download photos and videos using QuickTransfer:

  1. Press the QuickTransfer button at the bottom of the drone for 2 seconds until it flashes and turns blue.
  2. Once it is on, connect it successfully to the DJI Fly app on your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  3. Follow all the steps on your smartphone to get to the app’s menu.
  4. Then, view all the albums in the drone’s memory card to download videos or photos. 

Note: The QuickTransfer feature is a secret button located at the drone’s bottom rear part.

It is a helpful feature, especially for photographers who want to share unaltered photos and videos.

Also, it uses a speed of up to 20 MB/s which is faster than the alternative route through the remote control. However, the download speed varies with the environment.

The 20 MB/s only works effectively in countries with 5.8GHz band radio waves. So, the mobile device has to support the 5.8GHz band with nothing blocking the radio waves.

But if otherwise, QuickTransfer works with a 2.4GHz band, and the transfer speed reduces to 6MB/s.

Generally, Quick Transfer lives up to its name of quick setup. However, it takes longer to transfer large video clips than short ones. So, if you need large clips, it would be best to download them to a PC or Mac.

When using QuickTransfer, ensure your mobile device and drone are far from headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and Wi-Fi routers. This way, interference from the surrounding environment is minimized.

Keep in mind that QuickTransfer does not work during the flight. You must land the drone if you want to download and share footage via QuickTransfer.

Check out different QuickTransfer modes below using your smartphone.

How to QuickTransfer files from DJI Mini 2/ Mavic Air 2/Mavic Mini to any mobile device without the controller

Use this method to enable QuickTransfer to directly connect the DJI Mini to your smartphone and download footage without the controller.

  1. Switch on the drone and allow the self-diagnosis test to complete successfully. The status indicator flashes yellow to show the self-diagnosis is complete.
  1. Press and hold the QuickTransfer button for 2 seconds.
  1. The drone lets out a beep sound after it enables the QuickTransfer mode. On the Status Indicator, the LED flashes blue, followed by two beep sounds. The blue blinking on the front LED shows successful QuickTransfer mode enabled.
  1. On your smartphone, activate the Wi-Fi and launch the DJI Fly app.
  1. Tap “OK” and “Connect” on the screens that follow, respectively.
  1. The next screen will ask permission to connect to the Wi-Fi access point. Tap “Connect.”
  1. When the connection is successful, the Status Indicator stops blinking and becomes solid blue. But if the front LED continues to flash blue slowly, it means failed connection.

    Restart the drone by switching the power off and on to fix this. Once it restarts, the drone gets into Flight mode.
  1. If the connection is successful, tap “View Album.” You will see the drone’s menu displayed. Then, you can view or download the footage to your device.

    You’ll see that it allows you to do a full download, or a trimmed download. The trimmed download is great when you have very long files or when you want to omit some of the footage.
  1. After the download is complete, switch off the QuickTransfer mode. Again, press and hold the Quick Transfer button for 2 seconds and wait to hear beeping sounds. After the beeps, Status Indicator turns yellow quickly.
  1. Switch off the drone.

How to QuickTransfer files from DJI Mini 2/ Mavic Air 2/Mavic Mini to any mobile device with a controller

Download footage using QuickTransfer mode when your smartphone connects to the controller, mostly during flight.

  1. Turn on the drone and controller.
  2. Use the DJI Fly app and connect to your smartphone to view “Albums” from the home screen.
  3. Tap “Switch” to enable the Quick Transfer mode. The Front LED flashes blue slowly and beeps twice. This shows the mode switching is complete.
  4. Connect” to the Wi-Fi access point.
  5. After successful connection, the Status indicator becomes steady blue.
  6. You will see a screen with a display of “Aircraft” media. Choose the photos and videos you want to download to your smartphone.

Tips for using QuickTransfer with DJI Mini 2

  • You must press and hold the QuickTransfer button to enable the transfer of your files.
  • You are likely to fail to connect the drone the first time. Keep trying as long as you are doing it right.
  • Ensure you turn on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your mobile device before using QuickTransfer.
  • If the transfer speed is below 20MB/s, the 5.8 GHz band is probably unavailable in your area, or your device does not support the band frequency.
  • Activate QuickTransfer in an environment without wave interference from objects like speakers, headphones, and routers.

Why is DJI Mini 2 QuickTransfer not working?

Sometimes, the QuickTransfer feature may fail to work if you are using outdated firmware, unsupported mobile devices, or are in areas with frequency band limitations.

There are other simple cases where you might forget to turn on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or location.

Many users run into the problem of QuickTransfer failing to work on the Mini 2 or any other DJI drone.

Check out several possible ways of fixing this issue:

  • Ensure the firmware you are using is current and works on all devices. Usually, this works for most users after immediately updating the drone to the new firmware.
  • Fix the DJI Fly app by uninstalling and reinstalling it. Then, turn on the drone and controller and ensure the connection is successful and steady.
  • Use another device. If the QuickTransfer is not working even after restarting the drone and smartphone, your device is likely the problem. Some smartphones do not support the DJI Fly app, so the QuickTransfer won’t work.
  • There may be frequency band limitations. Some locations don’t have the 5GHz frequency bands, possibly delaying a steady QuickTransfer process. To rectify this, go to the settings of your drone and enable a 2.4GHz on or Auto.
  • Use QuickTransfer on cellular mode. Switch it off if it was already on.
  • The location must be on. QuickTransfer has to know the location of your device to work effectively.
  • Ensure there are no wave interferences from routers, speakers, headphones, and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices.

If none of the above works, use an SD card reader to transfer the files as you figure out what could be the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix QuickTransfer button issues?

If you notice the QuickTransfer button is not working, long press for more than 2 seconds. While pressing, ensure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on.

You will hear one beep sound, and then shortly after, 2 beeps.

Where do you find downloaded files on Android?

After using QuickTransfer to download files to your Android device, the videos and photos go to the recently downloaded tab.

How do I transfer data from DJI Mini 2 to iPhone?

You can transfer data from DJI Mini 2 to your iPhone like an Android phone. Ensure the iPhone has the DJI Fly App and supports the 5.8GHz band.


Knowing how to QuickTransfer with the DJI Mini 2 is vital since it makes the whole process easier and makes sure you have access to the original footage.

Also, ensure that you are using updated firmware and supported mobile devices to avoid inconveniences during the transfer. Also, ensure that your area has no frequency band limitations.