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How to Register Your Drone: Step-by-Step Guide (with Screenshots)

Everyone flying a drone weighing over 0.55 lbs must register their UAV/Drone with the FAA using FAA DroneZone. The first thing you need to do is decide if you’ll be registering your drone as Part 107 or the Recreational Flyer.

The FAA provides a guide to help you determine what type of drone pilot you might be.

If you have received your Part 107 certificate, a license to fly drones for profit, you’ll need to register as a Part 107 pilot if your drone will be used for profit. 

On the other hand, if you are not certified to fly for profit, you will register your drone as a recreational flyer. 

  • Drones registered must have a registered name, except for those weighing less than 250 grams and flying as Recreational Flyers.
  • Part 107 registration permits drones to be used for recreational purposes as well as for profit.
  • Part 107 operations cannot be performed by drones that are registered under the exception for Recreational Flyers.
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Remote Identification and your drone

All drone pilots who are required to register their drones must comply with the Remote ID Rule for pilots. The FAA has introduced new rules that ALL drones registered with the FAA must communicate a Remote ID by September 16th, 2023.

How do I register my drone?

Registering Information

  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Your drone’s model
  • Remotes ID If applicable, serial number supplied by the manufacturer
  • Credit or debit card for the $5 Fee

Requirements to Register your Drone

  • Whether you’re registering as a Part 107 or as a Recreational Flyer, the registration fee is $5 per drone, and you’ll need to re-register after 3 years.
  • Drone registrations cannot be transferred from one type to another.
  • You must be 13 years old or older. If you are not, have an adult register your drone for you.
  • A U.S. Legal permanent resident or citizen.
  • For foreign operators, the certificate will be considered a recognition of ownership and not a certificate of title as per U.S. aircraft registration.

Where can I register?

Begin Registration

  1. First, you’ll need to log on to FAADroneZone.
  1. Once on the website, you’ll be presented with this screen:
FAADroneZone screenshot
  1. Click on “create account” and fill out the form below.
FAADroneZone screenshot

4. After this, you’ll arrive at this screen shown below. Click “Launch Drone Owners and Pilots Dashboard.”

FAADroneZone screenshot
  1. Now you’ll be confronted with the page below. If you are not a Part 107 Pilot, your screen will not say “Part 107 Dashboard”. Don’t panic! While there’s a lot to choose from, click on “Manage Device Inventory” to register your drone.
FAADroneZone screenshot
  1. You’ll need to click: Add Device 
FAADroneZone screenshot
  1. This is the tricky part. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got you covered. 
FAADroneZone screenshot

If your drone broadcasts Remote ID, you’ll need to select “yes” to the top question on the form. If not, select no. If you’re not sure, look up your drone online to find out.

If you selected “yes,” you’ll need to answer the UAS TYPE question with how it broadcasts Remote ID. If you had to buy a module separate from the drone to broadcast remote ID, select “Remote ID Broadcast Module.” If not, select Standard ID.

If you answered no to Remote ID, simply answer UAS TYPE with Homebuilt or Traditional UAS.

Moving on, you’ll need to select what company manufactured your drone. This should be fairly simple. If you’re struggling to determine the manufacturer, look on the box your drone came in, and it should say.

Filling out the Serial Number can be as simple as removing the drone’s battery. Usually, the serial number is on a tag found in the drone’s battery compartment.

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Now, just give your drone a distinct nickname. After this is done, simply fill out the model of your drone, and you’re almost done!

You’ll now be shown a form to fill out your card information to pay the five dollar fee. 

After you register your drone, an email will be sent to you with your FAA registration certificate. When you fly your drone, you must have your registration certificate in your possession (either a digital or paper copy).

Your drone registration certificate must be in the possession of another person if they are operating it. If asked, federal law requires drone operators to present their registration certificate to any Federal, State, or Local law enforcement officer.

Mark the drone with your registration number

It is necessary to mark the drone with your registration number.

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Label your drone:

  • It must be kept in a legible condition.
  • It must be attached to the drone using any method necessary to ensure it remains attached for the duration of each operation.
  • The display must be legible on the exterior surface of small unmanned aircraft.

Now, you’re ready to fly!

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