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Top Drone Forums and Community Groups

Running a successful business looks a lot different than it did 20 years ago, and one major way things have changed is that now everyone is using social media platforms to promote their business. If you’re a commercial drone pilot (or even just a hobbyist) you will do well to get with the times and get on board not to remain outdated. There are millions of people on social media platforms, and engaging with them will definitely boost your business.

A number of forums and Facebook groups dedicated to drones and drone pilots offer a chance to connect with other drone operators, whether commercial drone pilots or recreational flyers. Joining one or more of these groups can help you gain knowledge and skills to develop your hobby, or to advance your drone business. 

If you are wondering which drone forums and Facebook groups are the best ones to join, and what they have to offer, this article is a great place to learn more. I’ll be discussing some of the top ones, and what you can gain from joining them.

DIY Drones

Have you ever heard of Ardupilot? Well, that was the first platform for Universal Autopilot, and DIY drones was its birthing place. DIY drones is the largest UAV community around the world. The group was started by Nicholas Rehm, a Lab technician at Johns Hopkins hospital who also happens to be experienced in various applications of UAVs.

The group was formed as a result of Nicholas’ desire to establish the result of attaching an inverted pendulum to the top of a flying drone. However, his experiment didn’t succeed, but he wasn’t discouraged, and fortunately, he became successful later. It was then that he thought about starting this forum to help anyone interested in building their own aircraft.

The group has since grown to 93,000 members, all from different parts of the world. The members hold group discussions on the platform and offer advice on getting DIY drone materials. Also, you can find step-by-step tutorials on all aspects of DIY drone building. 

Nicholas has become a full-time aerospace engineer and has helped many drone enthusiasts construct self-flying drones through DIY.

Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots

This is one of the largest Facebook groups dedicated to drones, with a commitment to grow professional drone pilots. Daniel Herbert started it, and it has been running for a long time and is still growing very fast. The group is home to over 18 million Small Unmanned Aircraft System operators. The platform focuses on offering information and education to anyone in the drone industry to become better representatives of what they do to the world.

Herbert possesses tremendous knowledge of how drones are operated and is also an incredible group administrator. He has managed to ensure the groups’ rules are maintained and that the members respect each other. The founder is also very quick to handle minor disputes that could escalate and cause harm to the group.

Moreover, he encourages the group members to research any topic they wish to know before posting to the group. This is because some of them ask questions that he has discussed time and again. If you desire a consistent flow of drone knowledge, this is the perfect platform to join and benefit from.


Skyop is a drone jobs platform where you can find employment opportunities in various drone organizations. This job listing platform is also a testing center authorized by FAA, and therefore you must be in adherence with all the FAA rules and regulations to land a job through this platform. 

The company has connections with leading aviation job sites and companies, and therefore their forum is always full of opportunities. From drone technicians to drone pilots to UAV instructors, all of these and many more opportunities are available through Skyop.

Besides giving employment opportunities, they also help drone organizations connect with drone professionals quickly. The best part about this is that they won’t charge you anything regardless of your organization’s employment opening.

Drone Pilots Network

If you are a commercial drone pilot, the Drone Pilots Network is definitely a platform to check out. This is one of the largest groups, registering up to 800,000 visitors every month, including 4 million views. This group was founded by Brandon Leakey and his son, who was 14 years old at the time. They had a desire for drone entrepreneurship and ventured into selling drone propeller guards. Their main inspiration and source of guidance was the PhantomPilots group.

The main aim of the Drones Pilots Network is to give drone pilots a chance to exhibit their products. This is more so through digital marketing methods like email advertising, content marketing, and display advertising, among others. Through these platforms, drone pilots have been able to reach millions of drone enthusiasts without much struggle.

Since the founding of this network, the group has become a big success story. The two founders have made tremendous achievements and managed to launch over six more forums for drone pilots. 

However, this group hasn’t grown completely without challenges. With the rise in online insecurity issues, the founders have dealt with hackers who tried to dive into their site. According to the founders, it takes a lot of commitment and effort to manage millions of drone pilots that flood into the forum. 

Drone Pilots Network is an excellent platform to gain exposure and grow yourself in the drone community as an entrepreneur.

GSMA Drone Interest Group

We can’t complete our list of drone forums without discussing GSMA. This is the perfect place for learning drone mapping and communication skills. The group comprises drone operators and GSMA global members who explore the available opportunities that can add value to commercial drones.

This group is chaired by Annour Said, an architectural engineer at Rogers communication, and the members are encouraged to discuss various case studies about important UAV initiatives from various mobile operators. These operators are from various fields, including Disaster Response, Search and Rescue, and Dynamic No-Fly Zones. 

You stand to learn a lot about drone mapping from this group. Also, the members get to learn more about the industry’s perspectives, especially in the drone market and 5G drone inspection.

UAV Coach

You will have all the coaching you need for your drone flying endeavors from this group.  This forum offers drone training, and here, you will get the best from the best. Over 40,000 trainees have come through this platform, and received training from UAV Coach. Once you’ve purchased a training course from UAV Coach, you also gain access to this exclusive online drone community.

You stand to gain a lot once you book your training. Some of the areas the UAV Coach majors in include navigation of intelligent flight modes, fail-safe maneuvers practice, and, most importantly, being a safe and technically proficient drone operator.

Some of the topics you will cover in training include drone insurance, drone laws, how to get an FAA drone license, how to fly your drone, and the best places for drone flying. 

RC Groups

RC Groups is among the largest drone forums around.  The group was initially founded as a platform for drone and RC enthusiasts, but things took another turn when they got their site, which became home for all aspects of drone discussions. 

One thing that makes the RC group stand out from other drone forums is its diversity. They discuss all types of drones and will give answers to all questions regarding the same. This group has a following of over 1.6 million people, and therefore many of the topics are repeated. You will notice that most of the discussions done in the group rotate around 3D flying, construction and design of electric motors, drone batteries, and chargers, drone crashes, and dynamic soaring, among others.

Phantom Pilots

You will be at home in this group if you are a DJI drone enthusiast. Besides being the number one online community, Phantom Pilots is a subset of Drone Pilots Media Network. Every year, the group receives over 6 million people who are interested in drones. 

If you deal with drone products and services, the group offers many incredible opportunities that can help promote them and help you as an entrepreneur.

The forum is also the best for all drone pilots, not just commercial pilots, since many types of drone discussions are held in it. You can also stay up to date with the latest news in the drone industry. Drone beginners are not left out since a section dwells on the rules and regulations of drone flights. 

There is also room for posting information about lost and found drones, and many people benefit from that. Another area that the platform focuses on is helping its members understand the different applications of drones, and this will help them know where to venture if they’re starting a drone business. Phantom Pilots is a world of its own since it covers everything to do with drones. 

Owners Support Groups for DJI, GoPro, and 3DR. 

This is another gem hidden on Facebook that every drone pilot should join. Curtis Dart started the group to connect friends who bought the same model of drones. It mainly focuses on Mavic Pro, DJI Matrice M 200, GoPro Karma, and Phantom 4plus models. 

The group consists of some of the best and most successful drone experts from across the globe. You will hear of big names like Mark Bailey, Marc Mulkey, and Lindkold Tony. It has a total membership of 125,000, and it’s an ideal platform to gain knowledge and interact with other drone enthusiasts. 

However, the users are not permitted to share links to their groups in this forum. If you do so, the admins will delete your post. However, the admins encourage the members to consistently share influential and relevant articles to help upcoming drone pilots.

Austin Drone Meetup

This group’s primary focus is the promotion of civilian drones and focuses primarily on organizing drone travels for its members. Its main aim is to ensure that drone operators have access to adequate information on flying their drones safely and in various locations. 

Also, the group focuses on sharing experiences with other drone professionals. Austin Drone Meetup is home to over 2,000 drone enthusiasts, and they also organize drone events. One of the main ones is Drone Field Day. On this day, they travel to various destinations and launch their drones in different locations. 

Also, the members bring various discussions on drones and are free to ask questions. This group is warm and engaging, making any new member feel at home.

Yuneec Pilots

Get to know what’s new in the drone industry through this forum. A lot goes on here, including regional meet-ups for local flyers in different regions. The members are permitted to share their photos and videos and receive reviews from other members.  

The forum also encourages discussions of different types of drones and doesn’t tolerate caustic criticism. Additionally, there is a classifieds section where members can buy or sell their products. YuneecPilots is made for all drone pilots, and you can be sure to grow in the industry once you join.


This is an Instagram group with over 674,000 followers. It’s a drone photo and video group where members share their aerial content. The group is diversified and entails people from different parts of the world. This should be your plug if you are into capturing drone videos or photos because it will help you gain more insight on how you can improve the quality of your shots.


If you have not heard about Dronestagram, you need to search for it immediately if flying drones is your hobby. This group is purely for drone users from around the world, and it was the first one in the world to deal with drone photography. It gives room for drone pilots to develop their hobby by sharing their photos and videos. 

Once you open a Dronestagram account, you can post your favorite pictures and browse other members’ photos. This is the best group if you are looking for drone hobby inspiration. 

Additionally, this group has a section where drone pilots can exchange their ideas, hints, advice, and tips about drones. There are also regular competitions that are organized for the group’s drone pilots. The group once teamed up with National Geographic for drone photographers to have a chance to exhibit their best images.

DJI Mavic 2 Facebook Group

Created for DJI Mavic 2 drone owners or those who intend to buy this model, this Facebook drone group is an impressive platform. It has 23,000 members and continues to grow daily. 

It is a private group and among the leading DJI groups on Facebook. However, the group admins have laid down strict rules to ensure everything is done properly in the group. For instance, members are not supposed to advertise other groups or use foul language. Additionally, they are encouraged to focus more on helping, especially the new members, rather than criticizing. Also, items for sale are not allowed in the group.


My hope is that this list of the best platforms and Facebook groups to join will be helpful to you in gaining knowledge as a drone hobbyist, or in developing your drone business. Which groups are the most useful to you depends on the objective you have in the drone industry. 

I have also mentioned some of the group’s administrators’ expectations once you join the forums, especially regarding your conduct, so keep in mind that you need to play nice. Join one or more of these forums and get a chance to interact with some of the best drone pilots in the world.