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Use of Drones in Home Construction

Written by Matt Jambrovic

The last couple of years drones became extremely popular; be it for breath-taking photography and videos that took over Instagram or their use in scientific purposes; they took the world by storm. However, some still can not comprehend the usefulness of these devices and are waiting for a proper explanation of their importance. Today, we are going to describe the relationship between drones and home construction and how are they changing construction industry in general.

Save time, save money and provide better results

Any construction project requires all data on construction site. This is done by surveying and collecting info that then has to be put in the BIM or building information software, for instance, AutoCAD or CypeCAD. This allows architects, designers and construction managers to digitally shape and model the project they work on. The most significant problem here is time; it takes weeks to collect all data and research the site. However, drones can do this in over a couple of minutes. Therefore, the industry saves a lot of money and time.

Representation of project

Presenting the project and showing clients the progress is a vital element in the construction industry. However, most construction tasks require homeowners or future homeowners to be away from the job site. This can cause complications in showing the client the progress: the client always has to come, and photos are just not enough anymore. It is this situation where drones represent an innovation. They allow architects to show people live progress from all angles and will enable them to get a better perspective on all aspects. This way clients can express what they like and don’t like before it is too late and material and labour has to be paid. Drones give both workers and homeowners a final idea of how the project will look.

Can technology and construction ever be friends?

Construction and technology have always been two different branches that somehow remained distanced from each other. Construction representing heavy machinery and a lot of physical work and technology meaning nano-tech devices. In fact, construction field is one of the least modernised and digitalised fields which is devastating to hear in the 21st century. Drones give an opportunity for that information to change. They can successfully pair the two, providing construction staff with a new outlook on the project. Interconnection of technology and construction industry can also open various job places for people across the country, so drones have a social role, or rather an opportunity, as well.

Safety first for construction teams

There is one more benefit of drones apart from tremendous money savings and simplified process. It is making the construction employment safer. For instance, let’s say it is highly urgent for you to check if the flashing on the building roof is fastened and properly adjusted. There is no need to additionally risk safety of your workers when you can direct your drones to the roof. The average rate of death in construction due falling is about 40 percent. Drones significantly help lower that devastating data and help to keep your teams safe. Not only you will be saving lives of your construction employees, but you will also save a lot of time to check that one element on the top of the building.

Except for preventing falling, drones can also be used to inspect the job site after a strong storm. This can help keep the workers safe by avoiding elements of structure to fall on them and cause fatal injuries. You can also use them to follow and monitor your workers and check if they have taken all measures of caution.

We hope we changed your outlook on drones and their significance. After many years there is finally a device that can connect construction and technology and bring benefit both to clients, architects and workers.