Throttle on Your Yuneec Not Responding? Here’s What To Do

Yuneec drones have become some of the most popular drones in today’s market. This has led to the drone manufacturer churning out tons of these drones in various models to meet the increased demand. 

One thing that is bound to happen with so many models is that the quality can suffer, and occasionally the user will experience some issues. One common problem is the throttle not responding. Frustrating as it is, the causes are generally easy to identify, and so are the solutions. So, with that said, how do you fix the throttle on your Yuneec drone?

If the throttle on your Yuneec drone isn’t responding, try these fixes: Ensure your drone’s battery is fully charged, properly calibrate your drone’s ESCs, update your drone’s firmware, disable turtle mode, and replace damaged propellers and motors.

In this article, we will discuss all that relates to your Yuneec drone throttle not responding and much more. Hopefully, by the time we get to the end, you’ll have figured out why the throttle wasn’t responding and resolved the problem!

Why is the throttle on my Yuneec not responding?

Maybe you just inspected your drone, and you believe everything looks okay with it. But as soon as you plug in your battery and try to fly your drone, pushing up on the throttle doesn’t produce any response. This can be quite a frustrating situation, and even an experienced eye may be unable to identify what is wrong with the drone and why the throttle is acting up.

Remember here that the throttle is the stick on the controller that makes the drone go up or down. When you push the throttle and nothing happens, that makes it hard to get the drone off the ground! Or if it has an automatic take-off function, the drone may be in the air, but refuse to move up or down.

While each person’s experience will be different, if there’s nothing internally damaged in your drone, identifying what may be the cause of the throttle not responding should be simple. In this section, we have a look at some of the reasons your Yuneec drone’s throttle may not be responding.

1. Insufficient battery charge or damaged battery

The first and most obvious culprit of your Yuneec drone’s throttle not working may be the battery of your drone.

Before every flight, it’s recommended that you fully charge your batteries. The throttle controls your drone’s up and down motion, and if your drone’s battery has an insufficient charge, it will not respond. This is because your drone requires enough power for the propellers to work to control your drone’s upward and downward motion.

This is also the case if your drone’s battery is damaged, in which case you’ll have to get a replacement one.

2. Improper ESC calibration

The ESC connects your drone’s remote controller to the motor. It perceives the signal from your controller and sources power from the battery to make the motors spin. This may seem simple, but since your Yuneec drone has several motors, this means that each ESC has to be working in sync with the rest. If one is slightly out of sync with the others, the throttle will not respond.

This is why it’s important to have the ESC calibrated, and the process for doing this is simple, though it varies slightly with each drone model. You should find the precise process for your drone in your Yuneec drone user manual.

3. Firmware issues

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the firmware is one of the most important components of your drone. The firmware is the software that is at the heart of your drone. It controls your drone’s flight inputs. So having erratic firmware can cause you lots of problems.

At times, some of the firmware released may be corrupted and have bugs. If you install this firmware on your drone, then you are bound to experience some problems. One common problem is that your drone’s throttle may not respond. 

So, you should try updating the firmware, and if your drone’s throttle begins responding, you are in luck. If the throttle doesn’t respond even after a firmware update, then the problem may be any of the others on this list.

4. Turtle mode is enabled

Turtle mode on your Yuneec drone means that the propellers are set to spin at a slower rotation for a slower overall speed. If Turtle mode is enabled on your Yuneec drone, then this may be the reason why the throttle isn’t responding, especially if you’re trying to take off. You should check to make sure that this mode isn’t enabled, and if it is, you should turn it off.

5. Damaged propellers

We all know just how important drone propellers are. They are to a drone what tires are to a car. Propellers control your drone’s movement, which is why they should always be in proper working condition. Even if one propeller gets damaged, it can have far-reaching consequences, one of which is the throttle failing to respond.

Just a small crack or chink on your drone’s propellers is enough to make the drone unstable, or even cause the throttle to be unresponsive. Drones with faulty propellers usually fly erratically. Your only hope of fixing this problem is to replace the damaged propellers, which should fix your problem.

6. Damaged motors

Your drone’s motors are responsible for turning the propellers and keeping your drone in flight. If the motors are damaged or if there is debris stuck in them, it may greatly affect how well your drone can fly. 

If the motors are damaged, it may be impossible for the throttle to respond. The motors have to be in prime working condition so that the drone responds to the instructions from your controller.

If damaged motors are the source of the problem, you may have to replace the motors or at the very least get rid of any debris that is clogging them up. This should fix your unresponsive throttle problems.

How to fix the unresponsive throttle on my Yuneec drone?

So, now that you know what may be the cause of your problem, it’s time to discuss how you can fix your unresponsive Yuneec drone. Follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure that both your controller and drone batteries are fully charged before flying your drone.
  • Make sure you update your drone’s firmware if new updates are released. If new versions are problematic, then revert to the previous software.
  • Disable turtle mode.
  • Consult your Yuneec drone manual to properly calibrate the ESC.
  • If the propellers are damaged, get new ones and make sure you attach them properly to your drone.
  • Replace damaged motors, or if they are clogged with debris, clean this up.

To sum up, the reason your Yuneec drone’s throttle isn’t responding may be just in front of your eyes if you look closely enough. Luckily fixing the problem is usually quite simple. Follow the tips in this article, and your drone should start behaving as it should. 

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