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3 Tips to Market Your Business With Drone Photography and Videography

When it comes to marketing your business, you not only need to set yourself apart from your competition, you have to show your future customers what makes your product or service better than the rest.

One of the most spectacular ways to do this is with aerial photography. How can you get cost-effective aerial photographs? Simple. Use a drone.

Getting quality aerial images and videos is a lot cheaper than it used to be, both to do it yourself or hire a pilot.

Aerial images immediately set you apart from the competition. It shows you have an attention to quality and detail, and you’re willing to invest in your marketing materials.

1. Use Only The Best Shots

Since storage and drone flight times are both increasing, the amount of shots you can get are almost unlimited, the quality of your photographs and videos is no longer dependent on the shots you get. It depends on the shots you keep and what you have invested in professional equipment.

If you try to set up ten great shots and only take ten shots, then you run a much higher risk of ending up with mediocre work. On the other hand, if you take 200 shots and pick the best ten, your production qualities are likely to be much higher.

Aside from the quality of your camera and aircraft, the most important thing you can do to improve your marketing with drone imagery to use only your best shots and sharpen them with some basic post-processing software.

Learning about things like saturation, contrast, lens flare and so forth can draw the attention of customers in ways that will help your business shine.

Taking the time to learn how to manipulate these important variables with the appropriate software will produce high quality marketing materials you can use for years.

2. Showcase It Across The Web

Drone imagery can repurposed across the web to help you market your business.

It isn’t hard to find places to show off your photography. Social media has made the process of publicizing a photograph rather mundane, as a matter of fact.

The challenge is to find non-obvious places to publicize your works and find the customers others won’t. The reason this works as well as it does is because your competition is less likely to one-up you if they don’t know where you are looking for new business.

Naturally, you should have at least one website you control, like a blog or a self-hosted gallery. This is important for several reasons, not the least of which is because a home site serves as a definitive repository of your best work. It also gives you a place you can link to that can’t be broken by outside forces beyond your control.

One of the best ways to repurpose photography in a new and interesting way is to turn your pictures into videos. Not only does this give you access to video sharing sites, but it also gives you high-quality works you can share on other platforms. Always remember your competition. If you have a video with great production values and they don’t, that sets you apart.

3. Vary Where You Promote Your Imagery

Always be aware of the fact that the moment you start seeing success, your competition is going to try and find ways to match and exceed your efforts.

A tech-savvy competitor is going to find those same sites by following your portfolio. How can they do this? They use Google Image Search.

The way to avoid this and other things you do that make it too easy for your competition is to post different pictures and videos on every site. Switch up as often as you can. Don’t be predictable. Don’t post the same thing all over the web, or it will make it far too easy for other companies to track your every move.

It’s the things you don’t think about that often become the key to success. Like anything else, marketing with aerial imagery requires trial and error, but once you find the right combination, the results will be worth it.

About The Author

Mark Sheehan started My Drone Authority to share his knowledge and help people get the most out of this amazing hobby and profession.