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Dan Bayne

• Professional done operator/business owner
• FAA certified drone pilot
• Passionate about trying out the latest and greatest DJI drones

Dan Bayne is the owner/operator of AISCF (Aerial Imaging Services of Central Florida), a small Orlando, Florida, Media and Production Company with a focus on Real Estate and providing media solutions for local area businesses.

Dan's other full-time job is working as the Content Director for Droneblog. He is also the faceless famous hands behind the Droneblog YouTube channel.

Dan caught the drone bug back in 2017 when he first saw a DJI review of the then “newest drone" on YouTube. He started building his fleet and company in 2018. Dan continues to be an active FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Operator who enjoys not only flying drones but also educating others in all aspects of drone operations.