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Dan Bayne

• Professional done operator/business owner
• FAA certified drone pilot
• Passionate about trying out the latest and greatest DJI drones

Dan caught the drone bug back in 2017 when he first saw a DJI review of the then “newest drone" on YouTube. He started building his fleet and company in 2018. Dan continues to be an active FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Operator who enjoys not only flying drones but also educating others in all aspects of drone operations.

Dan Bayne is the Content Director of He is responsible for the Scripting, Filming, Editing, and Producing of’s YouTube channel.

In addition, after joining in December 2021, Dan also works as a content writer for This entails extensive research, fact-checking, and product testing. As Content Director, Dan also acts as the staff photographer for, developing much of the site's current visual assets.

Dan is also the faceless famous hands behind the Droneblog YouTube channel.

Experience & Background

Dan Bayne has a variety of photography and videography projects in his portfolio, since his introduction to the world of drones back in 2017.

In 2018 Dan opened the doors to AISCF (Aerial Imaging Services of Central Florida), his and his wife’s Media and Production Company with a primary focus on Real Estate and Drone content.

Before opening his Media Company, Dan received his Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA recognizing him as a licensed Drone Pilot in the United States. This certification continues to remain active and up to date.

Classes and courses such as Pilot Institute, Full Time Filmmaker, and The Art of Real Estate Cinematography have helped develop his understanding of not only drones but also of Photography and Videography.

Personal life

Dan lives with his wife in Sunny Florida. He has 5 adult children spread up and down the East Coast and three grandchildren. As a photographer and videographer, most of his hobbies are tied to capturing places of interest around the United States and the Caribbean.

Outside of content creation as a hobby, Dan is also an accomplished DJ. However, his most loved hobby is spending time with his spouse traveling, whether by car, ship, or plane.