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DJI Mini 2 SE: How to Update Firmware (Step-by-Step Guide)

Firmware updates are common practice if you fly drones. Manufacturers have different timeframes for updates, but the period will inevitably come when you have to update the firmware to keep flying. Well, safely at least. 

DJI Mini 2 SE: How to Update Firmware (Step-by-Step Guide)
Image: Dan Bayne

Some of you who are new to drones and who chose the Mini 2 SE (and what a good pick, might I add) might have no idea how to go about updating the firmware or when.

That’s what I’m here for. That first time you see a firmware update notification can be a bit puzzling or annoying. I want to allay that moment of frustration for you so you can get your drone working its best and up in the sky. 

Let’s go! 

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Why update DJI Mini SE firmware?

Have you ever gone too long without updating your phone? It means more than missing out on the latest emojis. It doesn’t perform as well. 

Well, the same thing is true with your drone. Firmware updates exist to fix bugs and improve functionality. 

Skipping a firmware update risks how well your Mini 2 SE flies. It might not be as stable in the air compared to another Mini 2 SE with updated firmware. I know this isn’t an expensive drone, but is that a risk you want to take? 

Now, I won’t pretend that every firmware update fixes everything. Sometimes, updates make the drone even worse, but that’s not often a problem when you choose DJI.

Just in case, I’ll talk later about walking back your update. 

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Updating firmware through the DJI Fly app (Step by step)

Image: Gabriel Mihalcea

In the meantime, let’s get updating your Mini 2 SE’s firmware!

You can do this two ways, with one being through the DJI Fly app. This free app is ready to go with the purchase of your DJI Mini 2 SE. If you’re a new pilot, I hope you’ve used it by now, as it’s full of tutorials beginners find especially helpful.

But I digress! It’s time for a firmware upgrade. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Step 1: Turn on the Mini 2 SE and RC-N1, its accompanying remote controller. 
  • Step 2: Connect the Mini 2 SE to the DJI Fly app
  • Step 3: Wait until you see a prompt that says Update. Tap it. This means DJI has updated its firmware for the Mini 2 SE. If you don’t see the option, there is no firmware update, or you have the most up-to-date version. 
  • Step 4: Once you tap the Update prompt, it will begin downloading the new version of the Mini 2 SE firmware. This can take up to 10 minutes. You might notice that your Mini 2 SE reboots and its status indicator lights begin blinking. This is normal.
  • Step 5: Keep the Mini 2 SE connected until the update is done. After the firmware downloads, touch the Update option again, and the drone will update to the latest edition of DJI’s firmware. You will see a progress bar, so you’ll know when the firmware is finished updating. The Mini 2 SE should restart at that point. 
    • In the meantime, while the firmware updates, leave the drone alone. Don’t disconnect or turn it off, or the update won’t finish. 
  • Step 6: Start flying with the confidence that you have the latest version of the Mini 2 SE firmware. Well, that is, until there’s another update.
    • Check at least monthly, or listen to rumblings from the drone community about an update, then check. 

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Updating firmware through the DJI Assistant 2 (Step by step)

DJI Assistant 2

Alternatively, you can update the Mini 2 SE’s firmware through the DJI Assistant 2. Let me explain what this is for the uninitiated. 

The DJI Assistant 2 is a free DJI drone app for flight data management. It’s compatible with many newer DJI drones, the Mini 2 SE among them. 

How do you use it to upgrade the drone’s firmware? Allow me to take you through the process.

  • Step 1: Download the DJI Assistant 2 if you haven’t already. You need the Consumer Drone Series version for the Mini 2 SE, which you can find here. The app is available to download for Windows and Mac devices.
  • Step 2: Create a new account on DJI Assistant 2, following the prompts. Once you’ve made your account, you can log in under those credentials.
  • Step 3: Turn on the Mini 2 SE and plug in a USB cable to the drone. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a laptop or computer (connect it to the computer).
  • Step 4: Open DJI Assistant 2. You should see the Mini 2 SE listed under the CONNECTED DEVICES category. If you don’t, restart the app, re-plug everything, and try again. 
  • Step 5: After a few moments, you will see an UPGRADE option. Select this after the app downloads the list of latest firmware updates. 
  • Step 6: Let the firmware download onto the Mini 2 SE. The drone will then restart.

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How to downgrade DJI Mini 2 SE Firmware

Upgrading your Mini 2 SE’s firmware is super simple, whether you use the DJI Assistant 2 or the DJI Fly app.

However, as I mentioned, sometimes you update the drone after a firmware update, and…not-so-good things happen.

Your Mini 2 SE is buggier than before, and now you’re experiencing crashes that weren’t happening with the older version of the firmware. 

You just wish you could turn back time and stop yourself from updating the Mini 2 SE’s firmware. 

Fortunately, you can sometimes walk back to the firmware edition where everything worked better as a temporary fix.

I don’t recommend flying with outdated firmware for long; just until the next DJI firmware update. 

You’ll need the DJI Assistant 2 to downgrade the firmware. Here are the instructions. 

  • Step 1: As you did before, turn on the Mini 2 SE and plug it into your computer using a USB cable. 
  • Step 2: Next, open the DJI Assistant 2. You will see your Mini 2 SE listed after tapping CONNECTED DEVICES. If you have the option to downgrade the firmware, you will see DOWNGRADE
  • Step 3: Tap DOWNGRADE to go back, usually to the version prior to the latest update. DJI will not recommend any performance-breaking downgrades, but nevertheless, using an older version of software can still cause operation issues.
  • Step 4: The downgrade download will now begin, and the old firmware will install. This shouldn’t take as long as when installing new firmware, but that depends on how big the old version of the firmware is. 

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My DJI Mini 2 SE firmware fails to update – Now what? (Troubleshooting guide) 

Whether upgrading to a newer version of DJI firmware or downgrading, you might run into some issues along the way. Perhaps your firmware won’t update at all.

DJI shows there’s a new version to download, but every time you try, nada. 

Here’s some good news. This usually comes down to several easily fixable issues, so let’s review.

Loose gimbal cable

The first issue is with the gimbal. If your drone went through a rough time in transit to your latest work destination, or if you had a drone accident (hey, it happens to the best of us), the flat gimbal cable may be loose. 

Try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. Yes, I just gave you that classic IT advice, but only because it works!

However, if your cable still doesn’t want to do its thing, I recommend replacing it. You can also contact DJI support.

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Your internet connection is bad

If your internet can’t reliably connect to the DJI Fly app or DJI Assistant 2, the firmware download and installation process won’t finish.

You must stay connected the entire time, so triple-check that you have steady Wi-Fi before you begin.

Low battery 

What’s your battery situation as you begin updating your Mini 2 SE’s firmware?

If the battery level is too low, the drone could power off midway through downloading or upgrading the firmware, leaving you up a creek without a paddle.

Charge your drone as much as you can before you download firmware to save yourself the stress. 

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Not enough storage space

This applies more if you’re downloading the latest firmware on an SD card, but you can sometimes see this error during regular downloads.

If your Mini 2 SE doesn’t have sufficient space to download an update, you’re stuck with the firmware edition you have until you clear out some room. 

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