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Holy Stone HS720E App (All You Need to Know)

You recently bought the Holy Stone HS720E.

Holy Stone HS720E App (All You Need to Know)
Image: Dan Bayne

After excitedly unboxing and charging it, you’re ready to take this beginner- and budget-friendly drone out for a spin.

Before you do, you have to download the Ophelia GO app, a free app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app lets you use your phone as a screen since the HS720E remote doesn’t include one by default.

Here is everything you should know about this app!

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Do you need an app to fly the Holy Stone HS720E?

Holy Stone has always prided itself on being an affordable drone manufacturer compared to brands like Autel and DJI.

As such, it tends to make some concessions when manufacturing drones and related equipment to keep costs down.

Rather than include a touchscreen remote, the HS720E uses a standard controller with a smartphone holster.

That’s why you need an app when using this drone. Otherwise, you would have no idea what your drone is doing, as you wouldn’t have a screen to monitor it.

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What app does the Holy Stone HS720E use?

The HS720E uses the Ophelia GO app, which you’ll have to download before launching this drone. 

You can find the Ophelia GO app to download on the Google Play Store here and the Apple App Store here.

For the latter, you can download the app on your iPhone or iPad, although keep in mind the HS720E’s remote only has a holster for your smartphone.

If you want to run Ophelia GO with your iPad or tablet, you’ll need to buy a tablet holder. 

So, what kinds of features does this app offer? Let’s take a look!

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Total flight time

The Ophelia GO app will log your flight minutes, which will help you track your battery life so you don’t run out of juice. This feature is also helpful if you’re keeping track of your work hours for invoicing. 

Total flight mileage

How far can the HS720E go when you fly it? The app conveniently logs your miles, building a record over time. It’s useful if you test drones often like I do, or if you’re just curious about what this drone can do. 

Number of flights

Although it’s a small thing, the Ophelia GO app will track the flights you’ve accumulated. This stat is fun to look back on every few months to see how it’s grown! 


As you take your drone to more exciting locations around the world, the Footprint feature updates. This feature is an active record of the unique locations you’ve logged.  

Longest mileage

Once you’ve flown the HS720E for a while, check this record. You can use this to see what kinds of conditions allow you to get the max miles out of this Holy Stone drone, or however else you see fit. 

Highest elevation

Likewise, the Ophelia GO app tracks elevation. Granted, you can only fly so high legally before you violate FAA rules, so don’t try to break any records here. 

Top speed

The Maximum Speed category tracks the fastest you’ve ever flown the HS720E. Considering you can toggle between several speed settings, you might not have pushed this drone to its limits, and that’s okay.

Photo and video download 

As you accumulate photos and videos on your HS720E, you can see them anytime in the Ophelia GO app under the Photos and Videos tabs. You can also download your footage or sync your images to Google Photos. 

Some pilots have reported issues with continuous syncing, so if you’re having this kind of trouble, you’re not the only one. 

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Find My Drone 

Did you lose your drone?  

Stay calm, as you can always use the Find My Drone feature built into the HS720E’s app to track its location. After all, this drone is equipped with GPS. 

Aircraft status

Wondering if your HS720E is firing on all cylinders? You can track the aircraft status when in flight anytime within the drone’s app, a handy feature you’ll use every time you fly. 

Electronic fencing

Holy Stone drones have their own geofencing system. You can’t disable this feature (although you can request flight permissions in restricted areas if you must fly there), but you can track which areas you’re not allowed in using the Electronic Fencing option. 

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Image settings 

Do you want to toggle with the photo settings the HS720E offers? Change settings like caching, mirroring, and image quality, and see how your footage comes out. 

Flight mapping

You can also create custom flight routes for the HS720E to fly within the Ophelia GO app. You can use a stylus if you want to be extra fancy about it, but the fingertip also does the job just fine. 

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Can you fly the Holy Stone HS720E with other apps?

If you don’t like the interface of the Ophelia GO app, or if yours stops syncing after a while, sorry to break it to you, but that’s about all there is. 

You can’t even use Litchi because that’s only compatible with DJI drones

The Ophelia GO app isn’t the best out there, but it’s certainly not the worst, either. For the HS720E price, which is lower-range, the app gets the job done.

If the app doesn’t work, you can try deleting and reinstalling it. Otherwise, contact Holy Stone support because you’re stuck with this app as long as you’re flying this drone. 

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Holy Stone HS720E app pros and cons

Even though you don’t get a choice about using the Ophelia GO app, you should still know what to expect as you launch your HS720E for the first time. 

So, based on the experience of many other drone pilots out there, here are some upsides and downsides to expect.

✅ Pros

  • It’s a free app, unlike Litchi and some other third-party services. 
  • Although it may not be the greatest drone app, it’s functional and offers many services for logging drone work or fun, personal goals and aspirations. 
  • The Find My Drone feature is super convenient.
  • This app works for smartphones and tablets alike. 

❌ Cons

  • App updates can be disruptive and sometimes cause problems that weren’t there before. 
  • Syncing can be an issue, and sometimes the app doesn’t display your recent photos or videos.
  • The app has had a history of disabling your flight preferences midway through and resetting you to a beginner’s speed. 
  • It’s not compatible with all devices. 

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How to install the Holy Stone HS720E app

Installing the Holy Stone Ophelia GO app on your HS720E is quick and effortless, so you can start flying the same day you unbox your drone.

Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Visit the app store on the phone you plan to use when flying the HS720E and type “Ophelia GO.” You can also click the links from earlier in this guide for instant access to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store download links. 

Step 2: Click Download or “Get” for iPhones. You might have to double-click to install, type a password, or verify with facial ID, depending on your device.

Step 3: The Ophelia GO app will begin downloading.

Step 4: Once the app finishes downloading, find it on your phone and open it. 

Step 5: Click Enter Device.

Step 6

Start using the Ophelia GO app.  

Holy Stone app compatibility 

As of this writing, the Ophelia GO app for the HS720E only works with iPod Touch models, iPads, and iPhones with iOS 9.0 or newer. 

Android users, you need to run 5.0 or newer. 

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