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Holy Stone HS720G vs. DJI Mini 2 SE (Here’s My Favorite)

If you’re here, it’s because you’re contemplating purchasing the Holy Stone HS720G or DJI Mini 2 SE, perhaps as a first drone, a second model, or even a gift for a child or family member.

This guide will delve into the common ground shared between the Holy Stone HS720G and the DJI Mini 2 SE and how they differ. I’ll share why the Mini 2 SE is far and away the preferable drone of the two.

Are you ready to learn more? Join me in this comparison of these two great drones so you don’t waste a cent on a drone you don’t need.

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Holy Stone HS720G

Declared Holy Stone’s flagship drone, the HS720G was released in 2022. As a flagship, it has the professional appeal you’d see in an Autel or Yuneec drone, maybe even a lesser DJI model.

Its price is flagship to match.

In other words, this isn’t your grandma’s Holy Stone drone.

It’s built more rugged and loaded with more features to make it a contender against the DJI Mini 2 SE, yet it doesn’t venture too far outside the realm of what makes Holy Stone a favorite.

It’s still beginner-friendly and portable but with surprisingly cool features like:

  • Brushless motors for exceptional durability and great speed. You can zip around like a daredevil and take awesome drone footage (within legal parameters, of course).
  • A two-axis stabilizing gimbal, so you don’t have to stress about your social media footage coming out blurry like you’re trying to capture the Loch Ness Monster.
  • A 4K camera, which may not be that much to write home about from other drone brands, but is quite the high-quality inclusion for a Holy Stone.
  • A transmission distance of over 3,000 feet, so you never have to skip a beat when taking drone videos. You can live-stream them or upload them to your social media feed pronto.

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DJI Mini 2 SE

Drones in DJI’s Mini line come atcha fast. The Mini SE was released in July 2021, followed quickly by the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro in 2022 and the Mini 4 Pro in 2023.

The Mini 2 SE is somewhere in between, coming out in 2023.

So why consider the Mini 2 SE over the other DJI Mini drone options? For so many reasons!

  • This drone is beginner-friendly as all get out. Young kids can easily navigate this lightweight and portable drone, while teens and adults should find it easy to master as their first drone.
  • It’s compatible with 360-degree Propeller Guards for a safe flying experience. As a beginner, you’re a lot likelier to ding your drone into everything until you learn the ropes. The prop guards prevent drone destruction after your first accident and spare your fingers from painful lacerations!
  • You can make incredible-looking footage using the Creator Templates in the DJI Fly app. Social media trendsetters, influencers, and content creators can up their game with a drone like the Mini 2 SE.
  • It shoots videos in 2.7K HD quality and 12 MP image quality with its three-axis motorized gimbal. This isn’t the best quality on the block, but for beginners, it will seem immaculately high-quality.

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Quick Verdict

In the battle of the Holy Stone HS720G and the DJI Mini 2 SE, the Mini 2 SE comes out on top. It weighs less, offers more intuitive and smart flight features, has a slightly longer flight time, and enables beginners to capture cinematic footage with ease, even if the quality isn’t as good.

And yes, I know that camera quality is the end-all, be-all for some drone pilots.

While I can understand that, the slightly lower video quality of the Mini 2 SE, combined with its top-of-the-line three-axis gimbal, provides more reliable footage than the Holy Stone HS720G’s two-axis gimbal and 4K camera.

This is DJI we’re talking about here. They’re a leader in the drone world for a reason: high-quality, enduring parts.

That said, the HS720G is a surprisingly worthy contender. Most battles against Holy Stone and DJI are a no-brainer, with DJI the winner every time.

This one gave me pause in a lot of areas, which proves how far Holy Stone has progressed with its drones.

It could only be a matter of time before they’re a drone leader of the caliber of Autel or DJI!

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What are the main differences?

Holding these two drones up side by side, they couldn’t be more different. That’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, though. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Instead, it simply means that your choice will vary depending on what you’re looking for in a drone.

Comparisons will help you feel good about your decision.

Even purchasing a low-cost drone under $500, such as both of these, warrants taking the time to weigh your options, which is exactly what I’ll help you do.

Let’s start with the Holy Stone HS720G, pointing out some factors that separate it from its steep competition. 

  • The 4K camera is undoubtedly one of the features that sets the HS720G apart, not only from the Mini 2 SE but other Holy Stone drones. Most Holy Stone models have a 2K camera at best, so the HS720G’s camera is twice as good, promising clarity and detail when videoing footage. You might not want to rely on it for many commercial projects (perhaps if you’re just starting your drone career), but it’s more than capable for everyday activities where you want to create lasting video memories.
  • The two-axis gimbal is another feature you don’t always see in Holy Stone drones or other entry-level drones like it. Eliminating the gimbal keeps production costs manageable, so you can buy a drone for under $200. Although the HS702G is more expensive than your average Holy Stone, it has more stabilization. Holy Stone even went the extra mile and added Electronic Image Stabilization or EIS.
  • Its GPS-enabled modes, although not as many as a DJI drone, are considered a standout in a Holy Stone drone. GPS is another expensive feature to implement, but it allows the HS720G to offer follow-me, Point of Interest, and Tap Fly modes. Beginners can feel like drone experts with fun automated modes, witnessing the potential of their drone as they learn it. You can also start uploading high-quality footage to your YouTube channel immediately, even if you bought the drone yesterday.

I told you, the HS720G is quite the contender! Okay, so that’s the HS720G.

Now, it’s time to switch gears and look at the DJI Mini 2 SE.

  • The size and weight of the Mini 2 SE are remarkable. This drone weighs as little as a smartphone, making it travel-ready. You can bring it in a checked luggage or carry-on when flying. For everyday traveling, it fits into a day bag, a duffel bag, a purse, a briefcase, you name it! It folds, so it won’t take up valuable space you might not have.
  • You can forget about two-axis gimbals and EIS when the Mini 2 SE boasts a three-axis gimbal. Now, granted, these gimbals are standard in drones, but this feature still outpaces what the HS270G brings to the table.
  • It’s ready for cinematics despite the fact that it might not have the most high-end camera in the Mini series. You can use the DJI Fly app to create the kind of breathtaking footage that goes viral, and it only takes you a couple of clicks to do it. You’ll rack up the likes and comments faster than you can say DJI Fly!

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Holy Stone HS720G

The HS702G is part of Holy Stone’s advanced GPS drone collection with other top sellers like the HS702R and HS720E.

It’s surprisingly rugged, with a price that reflects its careful design considerations and feature implementation.

Does that mean it’s more expensive than your average Holy Stone drone? You betcha! It costs about twice as much.

However, I think it’s worth every penny, as the HS720G is Holy Stone’s answer to the increasingly more competitive consumer drone market and leading models produced by DJI and Autel.

Besides, the additional expense gets you a lot of fantastic features you usually can’t find in a Holy Stone drone, or at least not as comprehensively as they’re packaged in the HS720G.

It has anti-shake features, primarily in the form of a gimbal, and its 4K camera is another feature that will make you do a double-take to confirm that, yes, this is really a Holy Stone drone you’re flying.

If you care about cool points, this drone looks epic flying in the sky. You won’t shy away if you visit a park or drone airfield and share the skies with other pilots. You’ll fly this baby with pride, and rightfully so!

Are you into smart features? The HS720G could have more, admittedly, and if you put it to the test against the Mini 2 SE, it’s an easy no-contest. That said, you must consider who this drone is catered toward: beginners.

Yes, that’s right, the HS720G is a beginner drone through and through. It doesn’t look like it, which I personally appreciate a lot, but it is indeed designed for first-timers.

Perhaps you’re in those shoes. A new pilot doesn’t need a suite of smart features. It’s too overwhelming. A couple suffice until you get bored of the drone or outgrow it and move on to a more complete model.

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You can create your own waypoints and track people with the drone, and that’s enough to explore what drones can do, especially for your first.

Influencers and social media superstars looking to get into drone videography will especially appreciate how easy it is to use the HS720G’s features, especially the GPS ones.

It’s simple and intuitive to get this bad boy into the sky and do what it’s best at: take videos. That also makes this drone an excellent choice for a child’s first!

Holy Stone HS720G (2 Axis Gimbal)
$299.99 $254.99

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03/06/2024 10:36 pm GMT

DJI Mini 2 SE

The Mini 2 SE continues the long legacy of the Mini drones, one of DJI’s best sellers.

This drone’s ultra-lightweight profile and dainty size make it effortless to carry around. You can stash it in your back pocket (if your pocket is large enough) and forget you even have it with you. (Don’t sit on it!)

It’s so easy to pick up and fly that it’s one of the most inclusive drones in the DJI collection. Kids to adults can experiment with this drone’s easy-to-use control scheme and begin shooting the kind of cinematic footage that grabs attention.

If you were hoping to expand your YouTube repertoire or discover if you have what it takes to work commercially in drones, this is a good pick to have by your side.

It has a three-axis gimbal, outshining the Holy Stone HS720G, and a basic 2.7K camera that shoots in 12 MP image quality. I won’t pretend that’s the best on the market, but once again, imagine the intended consumer.

Beginners aren’t huge sticklers for image and video quality. But no one wants blurry footage, as then it’s a waste to have taken it in the first place when you can’t do anything with it.

No amount of editing can save it.

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Speaking of editing, I love how intuitive DJI made it with the Mini 2 SE.

You can do your editing on the go as soon as you record your footage, reducing the time spent in post and ensuring you can upload your footage to social media promptly.

If you’re on the job, you can polish your images and videos before sending them to your client. You’re sure to get high marks for a job well done.

Great Starter Drone
DJI Mini 2 SE

Lightweight and Foldable Mini Drone with 2.7K Video, 10km Video Transmission, 31-min Flight Time, Under 249 g, Return to Home, Automatic Pro Shoots, Drone with camera for Beginners.

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Head-to-Head Comparison: Holy Stone HS720G and DJI Mini 2 SE

Okay, enough talk! The time has come to see which of these beginner-friendly drones is the ultimate companion for pilots learning the ropes.

Here is my detailed comparison of the Holy Stone HS720G and DJI Mini 2 SE. I’m sure it will help you make a purchasing choice you’re thrilled with.

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Camera system

Winner: DJI Mini 2 SE

Okay, hear me out. I know it seems strange to award this prestigious title to the Mini 2 SE, considering its inferior camera quality, but the camera system is more than merely megapixels.

The Mini 2 SE has a three-axis gimbal versus the two-axis gimbal of the HS720G. Beginners don’t often know the difference, so let me explain.

Many drones have gimbals to provide support and stabilization along axes. A three-axis gimbal keeps the drone camera secure when adjusting the pitch, roll, and yaw, as is the case with the Mini 2 SE.

A two-axis gimbal has less adjustability and stability, like the HS720G.

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Admittedly, the Mini 2 SE’s 12 MP image quality and 2.7K video quality leave a lot to be desired, especially when you compare this drone against the Mini 4 Pro, which shoots in 4K quality.

DJI doesn’t equip the Mini drones with the greatest cameras ever because their appeal is the portability and size. If you want a higher-end camera, DJI has many, many drones that suffice.

The Holy Stone HS720G does get the video quality boost with its 4K camera and 3840x2160p photo resolution, but lacking stability can make the quality suffer, so I must give this category to DJI.

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Winner: DJI Mini 2 SE

The lightweight quality of the Mini 2 SE makes it more than easy to fly. It’s also fun, which is important if you’re trying to teach your kids to fly a drone and want them to stick with it.

I love how simple it is to get this drone in the air and keep it upright. And if you don’t, remember, it can use propeller guards, so it should handle getting banged up a little bit and not fall apart on you.

The Intelligent Flight Modes are a delight to use, as each promises something unique. Best of all, modes like Helix, Circle, Rocket, and Dronie are automated.

Your drone will execute perfect techniques every time, giving you drone footage you can count on to cater to your growing audience.

The smart editing within the DJI Fly app makes the Mini 2 SE an all-in-one for producing, shooting, editing, and posting videos. You’ll be on top of your social media game and dominate the competition.

The HS720G is a heavier drone, so while it can pull off many flight maneuvers with ease, it’s less agile. Its intelligent modes are also scanter than what DJI offers.

You have enough to get a feel for this drone, but if you see someone flying a Mini 2 SE or another Mini drone in the park, you might begin to wonder what you’re missing out on.

The Mini 2 SE has Level 5 wind resistance, capable of withstanding gusts up to 38 kph. Holy Stone doesn’t share the same wind resistance specs.

Bigger drones usually have the advantage in high winds, as they have more stability and bulk to keep them flying more stably.

The HS720G begins to get wobbly in winds over 10 mph, so I wouldn’t push it beyond that.

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DJI Mini 2 SE Controller (All You Need to Know)

Winner: DJI Mini 2 SE

Okay, you might as well declare this one a no-contest.

The Mini 2 SE wins every time. It’s lightweight enough that you can forego FAA drone registration unless you use your drone commercially.

Its weight, under 249 grams, is as light as a feather compared to the HS720G, which weighs 377 grams.

I’m not trying to say the HS720G is a hefty drone. Its weight isn’t bad, but it’s high enough that you’d have to register your drone even recreationally, paying the five-dollar fee and going through all the trouble.

The HS720G folds, measuring 164 millimeters by 90 millimeters by 63 millimeters when it does. When you fold the Mini 2 SE, it’s 138 millimeters by 81 millimeters by 58 millimeters, so it’s a good deal smaller.

If you travel a lot by plane, the Mini 2 SE will be your greatest companion. You can bring it as a carry-on and keep it by your side during your flight.

The HS720G is fine if you travel locally, but it’s not as flight-friendly.

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RC compatibility and long-range flights

Winner: DJI Mini 2 SE

The Holy Stone HS720G uses a standard quadcopter remote controller. It has a screen but cannot transmit your drone feed to it; instead, it’s handy for drone diagnostics, such as battery life and distance.

Holy Stone designs unique controllers to accompany each model it releases, eliminating compatibility between them.

You can see then why I awarded this category to the Mini 2 SE, right? Admittedly, its base controller is nothing to write home about, as it has no screen. However, it’s more intuitive and ergonomic.

Okay, so let’s switch gears and discuss flight range. The HS720G is good for Holy Stone standards, as its distance is between 2,624 and 3,277 feet. That said, the Mini 2 SE has got it beat.

It can fly 10 kilometers, which, adjusted for feet, is approximately 6 miles. That’s a great distance further than the HS720G could ever hope to achieve.

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Battery life

Winner: DJI Mini 2 SE

You can’t make a confident choice about which drone to purchase without considering the battery life of both contenders. The longer a drone can fly, the more sustained activities you can enjoy, whether that’s work or play (or even a bit of both!).

Given the moderate prices of both drones, you shouldn’t expect miracles in the battery life department. So, let’s see what’s in store.

The HS720G has a battery life of 26 minutes. Today’s drones have about 30 minutes of flight time on average, so this Holy Stone model clocks in at a little under that.

The Mini 2 SE squeaks by at 31 minutes exactly, according to DJI.

Those are advertised flight times. When I flew these drones, neither logged the exact manufacturer flight time, but that’s common.

Keep in mind that if you fly either drone in less-than-ambient conditions, you’ll slash the battery life even further.


That brings us to the end of this comparison of the Holy Stone HS720G and DJI Mini 2 SE.

These are two great drones, that’s for certain, but the Mini 2 SE stands head and shoulders above the HS720G (well, as much as a drone can stand, anyway).

It has better battery life, smart features, performance, weight, and portability. It’s also more widely appealing to today’s social-media-obsessed crowd.

The only area it didn’t win was the image and video quality!

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